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Orgasm Cosmetics Nail Lacquer Swatches and Review

Dzien Dobry! (Good morning in Polish. Um and that’s Polish the country, not Polish as in nail polish, LOL!)

I have some nail polishes to show you today that I have had sitting around waiting to be swatched for about 5-6 months. They are from the company Orgasm Cosmetics. Yeah I know. Normally names like that don’t really bother me, but after I spoke with the owner when I needed to call them for something, I kinda changed my mind. At first I thought oh ok Orgasm Cosmetics, they are trying to get people’s attention with a scintillating name, whatever. But then after that phone call, I felt more like the some of the color names were made out of pure sleaziness or desperation to be different. I don’t know I could be wrong, but that’s MY take on it.

I was only calling in to check on an order that I had placed for my buddy Helen (of Helen & Sheenie’s Nice Things) because I never got confirmation, but was charged immediately and it had been weeks. I got ahold of the owner when I called (but not when I had emailed a couple times) and he started quizzing me on really weird things. He was asking how I liked the names (in what I felt was a slimy way) and what did I think about the colors, etc. He never asked if I had a few minutes to chat, which irked me because I was at work (in a cube) and this wasn’t meant to be more than a 2 minute call. But he went on and on talking about some idea they had for combining polish with lipstick, and what did I think about that, etc. The whole thing just left me feeling really, how shall I say, uninspired! Then I had almost no desire to swatch the colors.

But I did finally. A few are truly amazing colors, the names be damned (and there are worse ones on the site, trust me…)!

The formula was pretty decent on all of them, I didn’t run into any issues to speak of. Check them out.

Orgasm Not Now Not Ever!
Not Now, Not Ever!

Not Now, Not Ever! is a very pale beige/gold shimmery frost. This was very sheer and a tiny bit streaky but was better after three coats.

Orgasm Hidden Agenda

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