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O2 Skin Nail Polish

My awesome friend in China recently gifted me with this little beauty from a nail polish line over there called O2 Skin. You can’t get them in America or elsewhere as far as I know, but if you Google them you can find some sites that show all their cool colors so if you live in China or are going to that area you might be able to score! She sent me this because she knows of my undying love for all things Olive and Khaki colored and this fits the bill! Thanks again!

I have no idea what this one is called as there wasn’t a name on it anywhere but I love it! It’s a gold color with a definite hint of olive green to it. It also has really small glitter particles that are blue, pink and green. The finish is somewhat metallic, but I had no streaky problems and I only needed two coats. I really like the rectangle bottle shape, which reminds me of butter LONDON, but the wand and handle on this is MUCH better and the top screws on easily and cleanly.

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