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Nubar FALLing in Love Collection for Fall 2014

Nubar FALLing in Love

The Nubar FALLing in Love Collection for Fall 2014 features eight new shades, some of them so gorgeous I consider them must-haves!

Many of these definitely feel like they belong in an autumn collection, but a couple seem more like bright and cheery summer shades. No matter, I don’t really care about those kinds of things. The formula overall was good, with a couple small annoyances. Most of these did cover with two coats, but one in particular gave me some major grief.

And in case you are new to Nubar you might want to know that they are 3-free, cruelty-free and vegan. Their polishes are amazing, they have some absolutely stunning shades, and they are very underrated! So buy some! And no, no one paid me to say that. :)

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Nubar Spring in The City Collection

Nubar Spring in The City

The Nubar Spring in The City collection features eight new shades, each with a creme finish.

This collection includes a lot of your typical spring-like colors, but also a couple of unexpected ones. The formula was really a bit strange for me with most of these. First of all a few of them had “settled” a bit and getting them shaken up to, blend the darker color at the bottom into the lighter color in the rest of the bottle just didn’t seem to work. Most of these felt really thin and watery and I did need three coats for all but one here. They settled into ridges very easily, so I probably should have used a ridge-filling base coat for the swatches. Oh well, I’ll remember that next time.

Nubar Spring in The City-2

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Nubar Giveaway!

Nubar Giveaway

Good afternoon!

I thought I would hold a little giveaway for one lucky person today. You have probably heard me yammer on and on about how Nubar Diamont is my favorite top coat ever. Well now you can enter to win it, along with their excellent Foundation base coat and their Matt Finish top coat!

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Nubar Crushed Candy Collection Swatches and Review

Nubar Crushed Candy

Good Thursday morning! We are almost there. It’s almost Friday. :D

Today I’ve got a new collection called Nubar Crushed Candy. This collection features eight new shades labeled as “sand-like textured polish”. In fact, they are not textured like say Zoya PixieDust or OPI Liquid Sands are. They are gritty-like when they dry when you don’t use a top coat, but really, these are just glitters in a clear base. They actually say on the bottle to use a top coat. Despite the fact that they aren’t your traditional textured polishes, they are cool as hell and I love them!

I swatched these over black so you could see them in their full glory. All were two coats over one coat of black except the first one, Lemon Lime Crush, where I used just one coat for some random reason.

Nubar Crushed Candy-2

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Nubar Wild West Collection Swatches and Review

Nubar Wild West Collection

The Nubar Wild West Collection for fall 2013 features eight new shades all with a western theme.

It’s time to saddle up your trusty stead and hold on to your Stetson as Nubar takes us to the Wild West for Autumn/Winter nails. From the warm bronze tone of Go Native to the cool deep blue of Texas Sky this colourful collection will give clients the ability to change their nail colour with the ever changing season. Add a little glamor at the Saloon with Hi Ho Silver or try something dark mysterious with the deep tones of Never Take Off The Mask. Nubar’s Wild West collection will bring you riding into Autumn/Winter with a wealth of color.

I think they got a lot of these shades perfect for a western theme. They definitely feel very fall-ish as well. Most of these just needed two coats for complete perfection. And one was a nightmare…

Nubar Wild West Collection-2

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