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From The Archives: Np2 Cosmic Ray

Welcome to a new series called “From The Archives”.

As you may know I recently did a poll asking what kind of features you might want to see on my site. This idea scored the highest with 45% of the votes. That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any of the other features though; I think I will add them all eventually.

I am not going to say whether this will be a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly feature because if I say it, I guarantee it won’t happen. I’m horrible with deadlines, so I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.

Basically these will just be quickie posts featuring one product from the past that I may or may not have featured already on here. It’s all about whatever is inspiring me at the moment or maybe a product I am loving or perhaps even something I forgot I owned and have re-discovered (it happens with age)! ;)

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Np2 Nail Polish

It’s another hot and balmy day here in the Bay Area and it’s Saturday, so what could be better? Oh I know, maybe some Np2 nail polish in your day would make it better.

Np2 is a brand that’s fairly new and is just now starting to take orders for their polish. The design of their bottle is totally unlike anything I have seen. The top where the cap usually is, has another smaller bottle that’s “clicked” on top of the color and it’s filled with a quick-dry top coat (or white if you have some of the lighter colors for a french tip). You can pop these tops off if you so wish and switch them around, though the only “top” colors now are clear and white. See what I’m talking about below.

Np2 Bottles

Np2 Theory Bottle

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