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Q&A with VV


What is your favorite cuticle remover and how do you use it?


Until a couple months ago, I hadn’t really used a cuticle remover for a couple years. The “go to” one for a lot of people is the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, but I never really liked it much, plus they aren’t cruelty-free anyways. So what I normally did was push them back after a shower when they were softened, rather than use a product.

But then I heard about the Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover from The Swatchaholic and read an article that Michele from Lacquerized did about it and decided to bite the bullet. The stuff is magic! At least for me. It’s a thin runny looking white substance and you put it all over your cuticles kind of thick then push them back right away with an orange stick or the like.

I read various suggestions from people on how to use it. Some people said leave it on for 3-5 minutes then push back and others said no, push back right away. When I initially tried leaving it on for 3 minutes it really didn’t work. It felt like the product kind of sank into my cuticles and dried. But then I put it on and pushed them back right away, and magically my cuticles pushed back very easily. When I use it I apply it to just three nails at a time so it doesn’t have a chance to start drying before I can push my cuticles back. Now for me, I can’t just push them back then wash my hands and be done with it. I have to then trim the excess because I have A LOT of growth in that area. If I didn’t trim it off basically I would have lumps of dead skin all over my fingers and yeah, that’s not gonna work. ūüėČ Continue reading »

An Nfu-Oh So Sexy Mani by Guest Blogger Jasmine from Colour Coated

So, let me start off by saying that I’m severely limited when it comes to doing anything fancy with nail polish. Me and nail art do not get along, and I’m envious of those who are crafty enough to do it well. That being said, I’ve recently been in love with the look of gradient manicures and decided to take a chance and try my hand at them.

I had a hard time of it at first because they work best if you use a jelly polish that is thin and build-able. As I am not a fan of thin nail polishes that need a zillion coats to become opaque, they are few and far in my polish collection.  Thus I decided to postpone any further experimenting with gradation until I could buy a suitable polish to do the trick.

Then recently when I was at work showing off my nails-freshly painted with Nfu-Oh 52-to a coworker whose nails were painted with China Glaze Sexy In The City, it hit me: I could probably do an awesome gradient mani with these two colors!

First of all, Sexy In The¬† City is a vibrant blue/teal packed with shimmer. Love it.¬†Nfu-Oh 52 , which if you’ve¬†haven’t had the joy of experiencing it,¬†is 1) a super amazingly gorgeous polish, and 2) a jelly (with lovely flakies)¬†that you have to build up to get the best color pay off.

Helloooo¬†Mcfly! Why hadn’t I realized it before?

Anyhow, as soon as I got home I tested out my theory, and Voila! Beauty was born! Peep the pics:

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Nfu Oh Nail Lacquer 566, 568 and 569 Swatches & Review

Recently I purchased some Nfu Oh nail lacquers. It had been quite awhile since I bought any and I needed a fix.

This time I went not only for flakies but also some cremes (more like jellies), which I hadn’t tried before. It wound up being a love/hate experience.

The love was for the colors themselves, quite pretty. The hate was for the formula, they were no bueno. They applied very unevenly and wound up pretty patchy. I also had major problems with the brushes being flooded with polish. :/


566 is a medium kind of murky/swampy green. Of the three I reviewed here, this applied the most patchy. I do love the color and it’s super shiny, but so hard to get even!

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Nfu-Oh Swatches

Ladies & Gents, I think I have found my new favorite (for now) polish line! Nfu-Oh polishes are A-MAH-ZING! First off I would like to say that I did order these from eBay (seller is Fabulous Nails) and I don’t have any issue with that, I know some people do. My choice was to either order them from a place that ships from New Zealand and be charged between $40-50 for shipping OR get them from eBay and a guy who lives literally 1 hour from my house and get them in 1 day. Gee, decision, decision! So I ordered the six that appealed to me the most, but now I swear I want ALL OF THEM they are soooo pretty. And it’s not just the colors and great formula either. The bottles are hands down the cutest I have ever seen. Si Francois, sophistique et adorable (So French, sophisticated and adorable)! All pics taken in the sun with no top coat.

Nfu-Oh – #125

I love this color, I think it might be my fav of the bunch. As you may know I am a huge fan of olive greens and while this does border on chartreuse, it’s definitely got olive in it. This is three coats here. The shimmer is so pretty both in sunlight and in indoors.

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Tons of Swatches Coming Soon!!

TGIF Vampies! It’s a beautiful day here in Cali (supposed to hit 77, yahoo!) so I am planning on doing a lot of sun swatching over the next couple days. In order to whet your palette’s, I thought I would show you what I am planning on bringing you this weekend. Hope you are as excited as I am!

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