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ncLA Candy Coat Matte Diamond Glitter Swatches

ncLA Candy Coat

The ncLA Candy Coat collection is brand spankin’ new and consists of four shades.

As the name implies, these polishes have a textured finish. Much like the Zoya PixieDust or OPI Liquid Sand shades. The texture is fine like sugar, and they all have shimmer inside as well.

In terms of formula, these were probably the thickest textured polishes I have used so far. They aren’t hard to work with but you do have to be a little more careful in-between each coat or they have a tendency to get “gloopy”. Each one of these was just two coats and they dry rather quickly and to a matte finish.

ncLA Candy Coat-2

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Weekly Macro Vol. 88

Weekly Macro Vol. 85

ncLA Black Market Collection

ncLA Black Market

The ncLA Black Market collection features four new super glittery nail shades.

  • Cookies and Gold – White base with purple, fuchsia, gold, blue and white glitter.
  • Bullion in a Bottle – Gold metallic base with green, orange, pink, gold and purple glitter.
  • Emerald Bay – Dark emerald green base with purple, teal, blue and silver glitter.
  • Prized Possessions – Deep purple base with green, blue, purple and lavender glitter.

Now let’s talk about the formula with these.

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Weekly Macro Vol. 84

NCLA Prized Possessions Macro

ncLA Prized Possessions.

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