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Naked Cosmetics Rain Forest Swatches, Photos & Review

Naked Cosmetics Rain Forest

Now the final Naked Cosmetics collection I purchased which is called Rain Forest.

Rain Forest features mostly natural mellow shades and a couple medium/deep green ones.

Naked Cosmetics Rain Forest 2

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Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon Swatches, Photos & Review

Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon

Alrighty then here we go with another Naked Cosmetics collection called Harvest Moon. This one features brighter shades and it’s my favorite of the three I bought. Also four of the shades are duochromes, which makes them extra special.

Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon 2

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Naked Cosmetics Desert Sunset Swatches, Photos & Review

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun

Do you know about Naked Cosmetics yet? I have recently been introduced to them myself!

Naked Cosmetics pigments are made with the highest grade of Mica, which gives you a really good pay off. They contain no talc, waxes, oils or fillers in them. You can buy their pigments as separate pots or as a collection of six (shades pre-determined for you).

I had a discount with them so I kind of went hog wild and bought three collections. This one here is called Desert Sun and features very wearable earthy warm shades. The shades don’t have actual names other than a letter/number combination.

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sunset 2

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