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Misa Riding All the Rides at the County Fair for Summer 2014

Misa Riding All the Rides at the County Fair

Misa Riding All the Rides at the County Fair for summer 2014 is here!

Kind of an odd name for a collection, yes? Either way it’s full of really cheery and bright creme shades. Every color here is named after a carnival ride at the county fair. And now I am telling you I want to go to the fair and eat all the things I love eating such as: a giant turkey leg, deep fried mushrooms, pork ribs, popcorn and cotton candy. Yum!

The formula for these shades was good. They are slightly thick but easy to work with. They are all nicely self-leveling and covered in two pigmented coats. Perfecto!

Misa Riding All the Rides at the County Fair-2

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Misa Sunny Side Up for Spring 2014

Misa Sunny Side Up

Spring has sprung and we have the Misa Sunny Side Up collection to help celebrate!

Spring means flowers blooming, bright colors popping and baby birds singing. This collection, all named after flowers, is a nice fresh look at the season. There are some shades here that might not be unique for a spring collection, but others are rather different and cool looking.

Misa has their formula down pat, as I have mentioned approximately 1,385,980 times in the past. It’s perfect. It’s creamy, shiny, self-leveling and covers in two coats.

Misa Sunny Side Up

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Misa Blink of an Eye Fall 2013 Collection

Misa Blink of an Eye
Prepare yourselves for some beauties in the new Misa Blink of an Eye fall 2013 collection!

This collection is fall and holiday all wrapped up into one. It features six new shades – three are deep shimmery jewel-tones and three are super sparkly multi-layered glitters. All are truly gorgeous. I am smitten with this collection.

True to Misa’s standard, all of these have a really great formula and only require two coats each for complete coverage. The shimmery ones are thick but tend to pool near the cuticles if you put on too thick a coat. The glitters are opaque and magical with no issues.

Misa Blink of an Eye-2

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Misa We’re cool. So cool. This is how cool Winter 2013/2014 Collection

Misa We're cool. So cool. This is how cool.

The Misa We’re cool. So cool. This is how cool winter 2013/2014 collection might be small, but it is pretty darn amazing.

This three-piece blue winter collection was something creators Ann and Lynn Tran had wanted to do for awhile. They said these blues remind them of the most beautiful parts of winter like frosty mornings, walks in the woods and a midnight ride home after a holiday get-together.

The shades aren’t traditional holiday shades because it’s more of a winter rather than holiday collection. Having said that I think all three of these would be perfect for the holidays anyway!

The formula was really great with all of them. All were just two coats and they are super creamy, shiny and opaque. They all kind of felt like a cross between a creme and a jelly to me, but an opaque jelly. They are so shiny and squishy looking.

Misa We're cool. So cool. This is how cool-2

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Misa Skinny Dipping and a Lesson Learned

Misa Skinny Dipping with Peacock Sticker

TGIF party people!

Ok so you may have noticed I haven’t done a Question of the Week post for a bit. I wasn’t getting much response from them as of late and quite frankly always trying to think of a question when my mind was blank wasn’t working. So I figured it was time to end them. Sort of. Instead I decided I will post questions when I think of good ones or do other short posts like this. I figured most of you like seeing photos instead of a random question anyway, so win-win!

So this mani started out with good intentions but then my impatience and lack of foresight won out and kinda ruined it.

This is Misa Skinny Dipping, which is one of my favorites by them. It is a bit sheer and a definite three-coater but damn it’s pretty.

I wanted to do a “peacock mani” using this and some peacock feather stickers I recently was sent from Kim at Overall Beauty. The stickers are so pretty!

Peacock nail stickers

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