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Essie Nordstrom Exclusive Minis with Matte About You Top Coat

Essie has created a mini polish set exclusively for Nordstrom and fall 2009. There are four colors in this collection, which are all really nice, however I’m not sure anything is totally *original*.

The same day that I received these, I also received Essie’s new Matte About You top coat. I decided that it would be the perfect time to swatch these along with the matte top coat to give you an idea of what it can do. Check ’em out.

Angora Cardi

Angora Cardi is a raisin colored mauve creme polish that screams “fall” to me. It’s very pretty and flattering and I wound up liking it on me a lot more than I thought I would. The application was great, though a little harder to apply because of the smaller brush. This was three coats.

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Color Club One & Done Eco-Conscious Nail Polish

Color Club recently released a new line of mini eco-conscious polishes called “One & Done”. There are 24 polishes in this collection so I picked up a few that appealed to me. The application on all colors (with one exception noted below) was outstanding as I am finding most of their colors to be. Pics taken in sun with no top coat.

Hippie Chick
This one turned out a lot more sheer than I thought it was going to. It’s a very light beige/pink shimmer that took three coats to get to bottle color. It’s not my favorite because it matches my skin too closely, but I think would look great on darker skin.

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