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ME ME ME Nail Polish

More polish from London! This time we have a brand called ME ME ME, which I found at a SuperDrug store. I wasn’t able to really find much information online about who makes this stuff, so I’m winging it with what I know!

This is definitely a lot more inexpensive than the GOSH polish was. I believe these came out to about $4-5 US dollars as opposed to GOSH’s $9-10. I could definitely tell that these aren’t  an “eco-friendly”  because the smell was a lot stronger than the “3 free” polishes we are used to now.

The formula was pretty good though, some were a wee bit sheer for my tastes, but overall I liked them enough. Sorry the pics are a little “blown out” below, it was high noon when I took ’em, which is the worst time to take pictures!  Check ’em out peeps…


Pewter is a shimmery metallic polish that yep, is pewter colored duh! I really love this color and it’s not that often I find metallics that I really like. Pewter is definitely a “metal” color that works for me. This was three coats.

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