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mark. I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow for Fall 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow

This fall mark. is releasing six new metallic eye shadow shades to their I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow collection.

They will be sold in a single pan so you can just pop them easily into their “snap to it” palettes (or a Zpalette) for customizable selection.

The shades:

  • Lava
  • Truffle
  • Gold Luxe
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Jazzy
  • Moonshine

These shadows claim to be long-wearing, highly pigmented and easy to blend. Let’s investigate further!

Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow 2

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mark Ibiza Sol Marbleized Eye Shadow Sticks for Summer 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

Have you ever heard of a marbleized shadow stick before? I hadn’t until I saw the new ones from mark called Ibiza Sol Marbleized Eye Shadow Sticks.

They come in three colors

  • Aqua Deep – green and white
  • Bronze Chic – pink and brown
  • Island Nights – blue and brown

What in the world are these you ask? They’re a blend of two different eye shadow colors in one little stick.

The “container” they come in is a little odd at first but I’ll explain. It looks like the shadow product is enclosed in a hard plastic shell. It would seem the kind of thing you would twist up to get more out. However you can’t twist it. It’s actually not plastic on the outside, you can sharpen it as you would any other pencil product. Kind of cool, if not confusing at first!

These claim to be creamy with a satin finish as well as smudge and crease resistant for up to 8 hours.

Mark Ibiza Sol Marbelized Eye Shadow Sticks 2

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