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ManGlaze Mayonnaise Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Attention matte nail polish lovers! The coolest matte white nail polish I have ever had the pleasure to try out has been recently released by ManGlaze and it’s called Mayonnaise.

For me a white matte polish can be tricky. I am really not into the chalky or White-Out look on my nails so a lot of time they just don’t work out for me. However this has just the slightest satiny texture and subtle shimmer about it that makes it just perfection in my book.

The bottle doesn’t come in their regular nail polish size, rather a smaller bottle. I’m not sure if they plan on selling a standard size of this in the future. UPDATE: This does come in a full size bottle, mine was just a smaller version.

Compared to most white polishes, it had nowhere near the streakiness I normally experience when applying either. Score!


Mayonnaise is a pretty pure white but it doesn’t have a stark look to it. It’s really quite satiny and feels almost velvety once dried. I applied it over a base coat, as I always do no matter the finish of the polish. As with other matte’s it goes on shiny then dries to a duller finish. This was a little streaky, but as mentioned above not bad at all. There is just a super small hint of shimmer under there but you really don’t see it unless you add a top coat. I love this white, I think it’s probably one of my top 3 favorite white polishes now. This was three coats for a completely even look.

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ManGlaze Matte Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Hello VV Peeps!

I am back from a nice mini-stay-away-from-the-internet-vacation and also a upgrading-my-site time off!

Today I’ve got the new (and old) ManGlaze colors. I decided to re-do my old swatches of these because they were so horrendous.

In case you don’t already know, ManGlaze nail polishes are all matte’s, and are some of the best ones out there. I discovered them a little over a year ago when I bought The Death Tar (now replaced by Matte Is Murder) and Fuggen Ugly. These are meant to be worn with NO top coat, and in fact are marketed more towards men, but we all know we can slap a shiny top coat on it if we want. :)

What makes ManGlaze unique to me is the awesomeness of the bottles. The artwork on them is unlike any other polish company out there, and it makes it extra special. It also makes them look “more masculine” but I’m not in any way put off by that.

The formula on these is most excellent. They apply evenly in just two coats. They look shiny at first but after about 30-60 seconds, they dry to a matte finish. They also dry completely very quickly, but not SO fast that you have zero time to fix any errors. Peep ’em out!

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder

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Carolyn New York Swatches (More!)

Morning Vampies! Today I am going
to show you the other three Carolyn New York swatches I took. It is a
cold rainy grey day here and supposed to be the next couple days, so I thought these colors were fitting! I am
hoping to somehow take new pics of the Color Club cremes so I can show
you in decent lighting, but without my friend the sun around, it might
be difficult! The Carolyn New York polishes all had fabulous
consistency and application. All pics taken in sun
with no top coat.

Handball Courts
This is a really nice silvery dove grey shimmery polish. It went on pretty sheer so it needed three coats. I love, love, love grey polish and was really pleased with this. For a second I thought it might be close to OPI’s Sheer Your Toys, but no. This is more grey and doesn’t have the red flecks that OPI’s does. It is very close to RBL’s Concrete Jungle, but this has shimmer whereas that is a creme.

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ManGlaze The Death Tar vs. Other Black’s

Now I am going to feature ManGlaze‘s black polish which is called The Death Tar vs other black’s in my collection. Like their grey polish, Fuggen Ugly, I had no problems with the formula, it was smooth and wonderful. Below are pics of it with and without a Seche top coat.

The Death Tar – Natural light no top coat

As you can see this is a dull black finish. Great color I think but wait until you see it with a top coat!

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ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly vs. Other Grey’s

I just got my ManGlaze polishes yesterday (I know SO late to the party!) so I thought I would showcase them here and also do some comparison swatches to some other similar steel grey’s. As you might already be aware of, ManGlaze is a polish that was created for men (men who are either secure enough with their masculinity to wear nail polish or those goth/emo boys who don’t care what you think). The finish on these is dull on purpose. They practically beg you not to put on a top coat on their website because that defeats the whole purpose of the polish, but of course I did anyway. Overall I am really impressed with their formula and color. I had no issue whatsoever with them and they turned out to be in the running with some of my favorite grey & black polishes ever (with top coat that is). Here’s the scoop:

Fuggen Ugly – Natural light no top coat

This is a really nice steel grey polish with a very dull finish. Very industrial looking. I really liked it with no top coat but I wanted to add one just to see what the difference would be.

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