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Make Up Store Nail Polish

St. Patrick’s Day came early for me! Yesterday was a pretty awful day at work, we found out that a Swiss company who has been trying to buy us out is now going to be merging with us. Since my company has such a unique culture (very laid back and entrepreneurial) and this company is very corporate and let’s just say uptight, we are all really worried the good people will leave in droves and/or we’ll get the axe or our awesome benefits will disappear…So needless to say it sucked. But then I got home and saw a package that I wasn’t expecting! I opened it up and lo and behold it was a beautiful polish from the brand Make Up Store. My friend Sminkan in Sweden sent it to me as a thank you for something I had sent her. It was so nice of her and the color is PERFECT for both St. Patty’s Day and spring! Enjoy!

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Stage and Make Up Store Nail Polish Swatches

EDIT: I am sorry, I am losing my mind! I blame it on the fact that I am in pain from a herniated disk and on medication. I was incorrect in stating that The Asian Girl sent me these polishes. It was in fact another lovely person in Singapore. I totally apologize for the error and feel like a horse’s ARSE! However having said that The Asian Girl still rocks, LOL!

Hello Internet! Today I am bringing you two totally awesome polishes from lands far, far away (from me at least)! These were both gifted to me by a lovely nail blogger called The Asian Girl (her blog called Gettin’ Nailed is here). It always amazes me how nice people can be, thanks SO MUCH for these! She sent me two others as well, which I will show in another post. All the info is under the pics and the pics were taken in sun and shade with no top coats. You will notice that I got rid of the colored border and my watermark in my pics. I just felt they were distracting and pointless and I am trying to be more minimal, hope you like!

Maria (Sun)

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