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MAC x The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014

MAC x The Simpsons Collection

In case you hadn’t heard, this year marks the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. To celebrate I bring you the MAC x The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014!

I have been watching the show since the very beginning, which makes me feel like some kind of ancient dinosaur. I definitely haven’t seen every episode since I never watched them religiously, but I can safely say I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of episodes. So I was really excited to check out this collection when I first heard about it. Yes it’s kind of silly. And yes it’s kind of gimmicky. But I don’t care because it’s fun, cute, and the colors are great!

MAC x The Simpsons Collection That Trillion Dollar Look Quad

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Note: Not cruelty free

MAC Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash Charged Black

MAC Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash

The latest mascara on the scene is MAC Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash Charged Black.

This mascara, which is now available and part of the permanent line, is the first mascara from MAC to feature their 77-mineral complex, which is a combination of minerals that helps keep lashes soft, flexible and separated. This mascara is billed as being non-clumping and lengthening.

MAC Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash-2

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Note: Not cruelty free

MAC A Novel Romance Swatches and Review

MAC A Novel Romance

MAC A Novel Romance is the latest collection from the brand and despite the cheesiness of the name and photos, I kind of love it!

I’ll confess: I have never read a romance novel all the way through. I had a friend when I was younger who was hardcore into them, and in fact is now a Senior Editor at Harlequin Books! I would sometimes flip through them and read some of the ridiculously written lines. They are kind of fun to read actually, and I’ve had a secret fantasy of writing one for probably 25 years. :)

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Note: Not cruelty free

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer Has a New Formula!

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer

Alert, alert! MAC Studio Nail Lacquer FINALLY has a new and improved formula!

I think I have heard more complaints about MAC nail polish than pretty much any other brand out there in my days. And the complaints were not unfounded. Especially when it came to certain finishes they carried like their creams, which were notoriously streaky. But now they have reformulated the three-free line, added vitamins E, C and B5, and created a newly designed brush, which has flattened and more streamlined fibres for a better, smoother application.

They also have an Overlacquer (clear gel-like top coat), Underlacquer (gel-like base coat), Matte Overlacquer (matte-effect top coat) and Texturize (clear leather-effect top coat). The nail shades come in 32 colors and four finishes including cream, frost, pearl and glitter.

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer 2014

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Note: Not cruelty free

MAC Moody Blooms Swatches and Review

MAC Moody Blooms

TGIF! MAC Moody Blooms is a new collection for summer 2014 and I’ve got some pieces to show you today.

The inspiration behind this collection is clearly flowers, but it’s the deeper, darker and more intense shades that you will see, rather than light pastel-like shades. Think intense violets, blackened plums, ivy green and electric pinks.

MAC Moody Blooms Fluidline

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Note: Not cruelty free