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C. Booth Honey & Almond Body Butter Review

C Booth Honey  Almond Body Butter

Have you ever smelled something that made you want to dip your entire body inside it and LIVE there? I have and its name is c.Booth Honey & Almond Body Butter.

About a year or so ago I bought this same scent but in a tube of hand lotion and I have been using it nearly every night up until I recently ran out. I love it so much. I found that has a wider variety of the c.Booth brand, so I purchased this on there.

Now this scent is just amazeballs people. Yes it smells like honey, but more like sweet almond oil. If you have been reading my site a long time you KNOW this is one of my favorites scents ever. But the combo of the honey and almond is so delicious. Words cannot describe. You must take a whiff.

C Booth Honey  Almond Body Butter 2

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Pacifica Body Butter in Indian Coconut Nectar and Tahitian Gardenia

Pacifica Body Butter

What was I thinking? Me, a self-confessed lotion addict, skipped over these Pacifica Body Butters for years upon years and I have no clue why.

But now that I have tried them, I think I might be hooked!

Pacifica is a company dedicated to the environment, which gives them bonus points. All their skin care products are cruelty-free and 100% Vegan. Their fragrances use high quality ingredients found from all over the world and they don’t support the use of natural ingredients that are either threatened or where the harvesting of it endangers anything in the environment. The candles are all made in the USA and contain lead-free wicks.

But back to the body butter :)

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butter LONDON Luxury Lotion Review

Did you know that not only does butter LONDON make really cool nail polish, but they also have some fabulous new lotions out?

Butter LONDON Luxury Lotion comes in three scents, each very unique: Mistress, Master and Madame.

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Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection Day Creme and Nail & Cuticle Treatment Review

Friday, whoo hoo!

Not only Friday, but a long weekend for us in the USA because of the 4th of July! Who’s BBQ-ing?

Ellen Sirot is a world-famous hand model. She’s actually known as “The Supermodel of Hands”! When I think of hand models the very first thing that comes to mind is when George Costanza was trying to be a hand model on Seinfeld, and wore an oven mitt to protect his hands. :)

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Zoya Hot Lips and Qtica Smart Spa

I recently had the pleasure to review some products by Zoya and Qtica. Zoya has some great new lip glosses called “Hot Lips” and they come in a variety of shimmery colors. Qtica has a skin care line called Smart Spa and I reviewed two different scented  products from this them. Check out pics and reviews below!

Clockwise we have: Kiss Kiss, Starlet, Resolution, Blog, Luvie & Meow

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