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Lancome Pop Petrol Le Vernis Swatches and Review

Happy weekend!

Have I got a doozy of a polish for you today. I am very excited to bring to you Lancôme’s Pop Petrol! This is a color that is being released in their spring 2010 Ô My Rose collection.

Now this polish is not being released in the US (at least that’s what they plan now). When I saw promo pics I was dying inside when I heard that it would be European only. Luckily I have a friend named Helen from Helen and Sheenie’s Nice Things who happens to live in England. When I asked her if she would do a swap with me (we did one in summer as well) she was happy to oblige! Thanks so much Helen!

This color wound up not being as green as the promo pics looked so I was a little disappointed when I first laid eyes on it. However I have to say even though it’s not as emerald as I thought it would be, it’s still an amazing color and totally worth owning if you love green and can get your hands on it.

The formula was really excellent. It was almost totally opaque in one coat, but I used two. The brush is a little more wide and flat than I am used to, but it wasn’t hard to work with. Peep it!

I took pictures of this under artificial indoor lighting because the sun hasn’t come out here in 114 million years, and I doubt it ever will. The color is a really deep green/blue shimmery teal. I saw another blog that had a swatch of this and her color looked exactly like mine. Then I saw other swatches and they looked much more green. I don’t know if somehow her formula was greener or maybe her lighting is different, but my bottle definitely didn’t look like an emerald green, it’s much more blue and almost smokey.

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Lancome Midnight Glam Nail Polish

Happy Tuesday folks. I won this polish last month in a contest I entered and was highly excited. You see, this is only the third thing in my entire life I have ever won! The first was a CUP OF LEMONADE at a yelling/singing contest (the hokey pokey) at a roller rink when I was like 10. How lame is that? The second was just a couple years ago at work, I won third place in the animal category of a photo contest. And now this. I was super excited about this color from what I saw online, but I have to say I am disappointed after trying it out. Pics taken in sun with no top coat.

Midnight Glam
The color just turned out to be kind of anti-climactic to me for some reason. Yes it’s a shimmery midnight blue with light blue particles throughout. But it just doesn’t *wow* me at all. Not to mention my issues with the handle. More on that below. This was two coats.

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