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Knockout Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish

I finally got my Knockout matte nail polishes and the sun came out for a little bit so I could take some good pics. These colors were created by Mike Potter who is a stage and movie makeup artist (he did makeup & hair for Hedwig & the Angry Inch). First off I have to say I am astounded at how gigantic the bottles are! They are super tall, but that leads to a slight issue for me. The handles are extra long and I mean EXTRA long, which makes it harder to control. But even with all that I LOVE these, especially the black one. One thing I want to throw in there is that I know these are expensive at $22.00 a pop and that a lot of people won’t pay that price or even like the “edgy” look of these and I totally understand that. I just want to show people as wide a range of colors, price points and brands as possible on my site to try and please everyone at least sometimes! Pics taken in sun with no top coat (of course because that would ruin the matte effect!)

Bottle size comparison to a “normal” sized bottle

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Matte Nail Polish from Knockout Cosmetics

There is an awesome new trend happening right now and it’s matte nail polish. Now we already know about ManGlaze matte polishes which are pretty cool (swatched here and here). But I just read about some new ones from Knockout Cosmetics that look *bleeping* awesome! The polishes were created by a guy named Mike Potter, who is a makeup artist best known for hair & makeup in the movie and stage production of Hedwig & the Angry Inch. The colors so far are black, white and they just introduced pink. I don’t have the polishes in my grubby little hands just yet, but I have the black & white on the way and I’m super excited about them! Here’s a peek at what they’re gonna look like.

Picture courtesy of

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