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Kleancolor Neon Collection Summer 2010 Swatches & Review


I, for one, am so glad this is the last day of the work week!

Ok so today I have some Kleancolor lacquers to show you. These are the new neon colors for summer and they are all (almost) pretty fabulous.

I swatched some Kleancolor’s before here and here and I wasn’t all that impressed. I remember quite a few of them were really sheer. These however are almost all super opaque in two coats. A few don’t really live up to the “neon” name, but that’s ok, I forgive them.

Check them out below!

Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow is a sunny color that leans towards the warm side of yellow. But luckily for me not TOO warm, so I can still wear it. Surprisingly, there wasn’t that much of a problem with streaking on this. After two coats it settled down nicely, and was very opaque. I do classify this as neon because it’s really bright, but it’s not like those day-glo yellows you see frequently in summer collections.

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Kleancolor Nail Polish Part Deux

Today I’ve got some of Kleancolor’s more sparkly, glittery polishes for your enjoyment. I actually liked these a lot more than the ones in the previous post because these gave me what I expected judging from the way it looked in the bottle.

No formula issues here whatsoever though the placement of the larger glitter chunks, which you will see, can be tricky sometimes. Check them out!

Pearl Blue

Pearl Blue is pretty ocean blue base with light blue and silver micro glitter. I love this color, love the finish and have just one complaint. It’s a little sheer, this was three coats and you can still see the whites of my nail tips. One more coat could solve this issue though.

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Kleancolor Nail Polish

It’s a grey, foggy dreary Monday morning in SF today. Hopefully some of these cool polishes from Kleancolor will cheer those of us up who live around here!

Kleancolor is a cosmetic brand that is new to me. They have been around for about 15 years and make a variety of products such as eye makeup, concealer, foundation, blush, etc. They have just over 100 different color of nail polish in a variety of finishes such as sheer, pearl, glitter and cremes. They also have 22 colors of polish used for nail art that have small fine brushes for precision painting.

Today I am reviewing five of the sheer/pearl/creme colors and tomorrow I will have four glitters for you. Peep em out! Oh and as a side note, I made these pics really large. Let me know if you prefer them this big, which can mean slower download time, or smaller like they normally are.

Sweet Purple

Sweet Purple is a very nice lavender pearl that flashes pink and blue depending on the lighting. This is very sheer and even after three coats I was hoping for a little more color payoff. The formula was really nice, no issues to report.

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