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Kiss Neon Everlasting French Nails

Morning Peeps! Funky french manicures are all over the place recently and I am really glad about that. I am SO OVER the basic french nail I could scream, and that goes for the french pedicure as well. It seems as though every other female in the Bay Area has acrylic french nails with blinding white, thickly painted tips. In a word: TACKY & OVERDONE. Ok that was two words, but who’s counting?

For the record, I’m not really the glue-on nails kinda gal, never have been and don’t think I ever will be. However, I did have some fun with these limited edition Kiss Neon Everlasting French Nail Kits that just came out for the summer. They are only available through the end of this month so get ’em while their hot! They come in hot pink, green and orange and also have a funky design on some of them so you can add an extra dash of *oomph* to your look. They also have the hot pink tips for toes and I’m just not sure how I feel about that, LOL!

These are the medium length and are glue-on’s (as opposed to tabs) for up to 7 days of wear. The kit comes with 28 nails in 14 different sizes, 2g glue, mini-file and a manicure stick. Now I must admit that I didn’t use glue for these. I used some stick on tabs from another kit I have. I just cannot commit to a look like this for more than a few minutes, it’s just not really me. However if you use the glue, they stay on much longer and adhere better. For removal, you can get their handy All or 1 Artificial Nail Remover kit which removes up to 5 nails at once in just a few minutes. To view this and see instructions about how to use it, visit this link.

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