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INGLOT Fusion Blush & Illuminator 204

Inglot Fusion Blush & Illuminator 204

INGLOT Fusion Blush & Illuminator is a new product and part of their Freedom Palette line.

There are four blush shades in the line which also include a illuminator to highlight with. They have a silky, soft texture and a subtle appearance. They come in a pop-out palette with a magnetic cover which can slide completely off.

#201– Intense blue based fuchsia pink paired with a muted illuminating pastel
#202- Rose colored blush with a complementing musky highlighting pink
#203– Rusty apricot and a frosted soft peach highlighter
#204– Natural pink/beige with pink/beige highlighter

Inglot Fusion Blush & Illuminator 204-2

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Inglot AMC Lip Gloss #541 Swatches & Review and Ian Somerhalder…

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss  541

Inglot has not only super amazing eye shadow, gel liners and nail polish, but also some pretty cool lip glosses called AMC Lip Gloss. AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components.

These AMC glosses come in six colors and they have an amazing opalescent/duochrome effect.

They only one I have tried out was the one that appealed to me the most from swatches I had seen online and that is #541.

This is a purple/blue/pink looking gloss, that doesn’t have much pigment, but leaves the coolest effect on the lips! It reminds me a lot of the purple color in the Trucco Angel Face palette because it has the same color changing effect and looks different depending on if you use it by itself or over another color.

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss $541

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Inglot Eyeliner Gel Matte Swatches, Photos & Review

Inglot Eyeliner Gel Matte

Remember when I said I had more Inglot Cosmetics items to show you? Here they are!

Matte AMC Eyeliner Gel is just that, a matte eyeliner gel that comes in a 0.09 oz pot and 20 different colors.

I’m not sure why they are labeled as “matte” since they don’t really seem to have much of a different finish than say MAC Fluidline in black. They don’t have sparkle or glitter, just a regular gel eyeliner basically.

The colors though are what roped me in because they go from crazy bright yellow to slightly more muted colors to plain ‘ole black and brown. I love a good selection. In fact trying to keep it to just three was a challenge for me because there are at least five more I want, but I thought I would start small.

Inglot Eyeliner Gel Matte 2

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Inglot Eye Shadow Swatches, Photos & Review – Part II

Inglot Eye Shadow Neutrals

More Inglot Eye Shadow for you today!

This time it’s all about the browns and neutral colors. All of these are very wearable, and I think people will find them more “user-friendly” than a bright yellow perhaps. :)

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Inglot Eye Shadow Swatches, Photos & Review – Part I

Inglot Eyeshadow

Perhaps you have heard about Inglot Cosmetics?

This is a company that popped up on my radar a few months ago in a big way when I started seeing some amazing looking swatches from various bloggers and YouTube gurus. While they do have a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) range of nail polish colors, what really interested me most was their eyeshadow colors.

First off they have SO many and a wide variety of colors. And when I saw all the yellows and greens and purples and blues, I was done for.

I had been planning on taking a trip to Vegas this spring/summer for vacation yes, but also so I could visit their store because up until a couple weeks ago, they didn’t have an online store. But now they do, so YAHOOOOOO (or yikes)!

I was a bit overwhelmed at what to choose, but knew I wanted a variety of both bright and neutral colors and finishes.

The eye shadows come in five different finishes: matte, pearl, double sparkle, shine and AMC. They also have pigments as well.

Being the doofus that I am, I was so excited to pick out the eye shadows I wanted, I neglected to actually order the palettes I wanted! Never fear I happened to have some Zpalettes around, which are actually perfect for these because you can get 18 of them inside the large Zpalette (which is $20) rather than the Inglot square palettes which are either $20 for 10 squares or $25 for 20 squares. Since I would have needed 3 of the 10 square Inglot palettes for all the shadows I got, I wound up saving lots of money!

So today I’m going over the brighter more colorful shadows I picked up.

Inglot Eyeshadow 2

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