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Icing Limited Edition Black Glitter Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Today I’ve some some slightly older limited edition Icing swatches of a black glitter collection.

I think these came out last last year, but I only came across them recently and liked what I saw.

The bottles are on the small side at 0.40 oz, but not what I would classify as a true “mini” bottle. I believe the set was only like $8.00 because it was in the sale bin and the only one left.

The formula started off good but then after the first two colors, it deteriorated rapidly. Most were very thick and sticky and kind of glooped on, very messily. Oh well!

Blackened Purple

Blackened Purple is a black with tons of purple micro-glitter. This is an outstanding color! It totally glows, is very pretty and cool looking and I don’t think I have another one quite like it. The formula on this was really great no issues and two coats.

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