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Essie Naturally Clean

I have had this post ready to go for WEEKS but accidentally never published it, oops!  I am very happy to have had the pleasure to review some of the items from Essie’s new collection called Naturally Clean. I tried the hand wash, hand purifier and nail polish remover, but they also have a nail cleanser as well as manicure revitalizer. I really like this line though it IS expensive and not easy to get (like most soap or hand purifier at Target for instance). Reviews are below pics, enjoy!

This is the purifying hand treatment, which is basically like anti-bacterial sanitizer. I love this stuff! This is way more gentle on my hands than any other sanitizer I have used and doesn’t have that alcohol smell or stickiness afterwords. The scent is very mild and natural. I also love that it’s in an 8oz bottle and has a pump. Because the bottle design is pretty, I have it sitting on my bathroom counter and it looks great there! This stuff doesn’t come cheap though, it’s $25.00 on their website, ouch!

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