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GOSH Nail Polish

I am finally getting around to posting some of the polish I got in London!

GOSH Cosmetics is a pretty cool cosmetics brand that hails from Denmark. They started as a pharmaceutical company more than 60 years ago. In the 1950’s, they expanded into producing toiletries including cosmetics and fragrances.  They now sell their products in over 60 countries, but are relatively new to the USA (yes they DO ship here!).

Another big plus, they are rated “Cruelty Free” by PETA, yay!

They have some really nice nail polish colors which I came across in a SuperDrug store. Considering this is “drug store” polish, it ain’t cheap! In US dollars these came out to around $9-10 dollars, but I HAD to get them anyway (not knowing I could get them online at home of course).

The formula on all of these was really great, I didn’t have a single issue and they were pretty opaque as well. Check ’em out!

Metallic Green

Metallic Green is a very pretty celadon green color. This is the exact color of an old MAC polish I had about 8-10 years ago that for some dumb reason I got rid of! This is a “true” metallic, in other words, there is no mistaking this finish for shimmer or anything else. I didn’t have much of a streaking issue as you can see. This was two coats.

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