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Fright Night Claw Polish for Halloween 2011-Toxic & Poison Swatches & Review

Fright Night Halloween 2011 Nail Polish

More Fright Night Claw Polish for Halloween 2011! Bat

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Fright Night Claw Polish for Halloween 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

Last week I was at Target picking up the requisite new toothbrush and sponges when lo and behold, there on the antacid aisle endcap was Fright Night Claw Polish!

I actually didn’t see it, Mr. VV did (good eyes) so of course I picked ’em up. Who can resist a nail polish in a coffin shape? Not I.

There are two sets that I saw. One was a black with grey and the other a black with red.

Applying these polishes isn’t exactly the easiest thing on earth. The little coffin lid doesn’t pop off to reveal an easier top (like butter London), so you have to hold that awkward shape to paint your nails. Not a huge deal just kinda annoying.

Fright Night Claw Polish Phantom

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