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Fing’rs Edge Artificial Nails

Today I’ve got some really cool artificial nails for you from Fing’rs. I don’t normally wear artificial nails and quite honestly don’t ever think I will, but I wanted to show those of you who DO wear them how fun they can be.

There was a time not too long ago when all you could get were the basic white tipped french or maybe red or burgundy nails. Now thanks to brands like Fing’rs you can find those basics but also a wide variety of more “alternative” nail patterns to choose from. Check out the two I am reviewing below!

These nails come in a pack of 24 fingernails of various sizes and includes both the stick-on tabs and glue. I like having both options because that way you can use the stick-on tabs for just a day or so or use the glue for about a week’s worth of wear.

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