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Essie Cashmere Matte Swatches & Review

Essie Cashmere Matte Collection

Essie Cashmere Matte is a new six-piece collection which I happened upon whilst in Ulta recently.

I checked out all six shades and nearly chose three of them, but really, only two completely appealed to me and those were Comfy In Cashmere and Coat Couture.

The finish, as the name implies, is matte but it’s a satin-matte and they have iridescent sparkles within them. Obviously since they are matte they are meant to be worn without a top coat. I added one to see how they looked anyway, and they turned out magical!

Essie Comfy In Cashmere

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Note: Not cruelty free

Essie Go Overboard Swatch & Review

Essie Go Overboard Nail Polish

Essie Go Overboard is a shade I came across while on Nordstrom’s website and I felt an overwhelming need to possess her.

Go Overboard is part of the Go Overboard spring collection, which also featured Armed & Ready and Play Date.

Essie Go Overboard
Go Overboard

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Essie Resort Collection Swatches & Review

Essie Resort is a new 4 piece collection created so that you could “discover your inner Hollywood starlet.”

Essie Weingarten wanted to inspire women to bring out their inner glamour and get you to come out and play with these fun shades. This collection was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly.

The formula, as with the vast majority of Essie polishes, was spot on. Not too thick or thin. Not too sheer, and all perfect in 2-3 coats.

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Three Green Essie Shades You Need in Your Life

It’s been awhile since I bought any new Essie polishes, and BOY did I miss out on some great colors!

These might not all be super new shades, but they are all great greens that I am really pleased to add into my collection. I think green fanatics will want them all, if you don’t already own them.

Navigate Her, Sew Psyched, Armed & Ready

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Essie Sag Harbor vs. China Glaze Sea Spray

Essie Sag Harbor vs China Glaze Sea Spray 3

Welcome to another edition of “vs”!

This time it’s Essie Sag Harbor against China Glaze Sea Spray. They have A LOT in common other than both having sea related names. :)

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