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Elle Cosmetics at Kohl’s for Summer 2012 Swatches & Review

Elle Cosmetics

Elle Cosmetics is a new brand being sold exclusively at Kohl’s stores as of April 2012. This collection for eyes, nails, lips, and face was inspired by the runway and includes a wide range of shades.

The nail lacquers come in 28 shades, the eyeshadows come in 24 shades, the blushes in 8 shades and the lip gloss comes in 15 shades. They also have bronzers, blushes, eye liners, mascaras, lipsticks and lip liners.

One thing I am not thrilled about is some of the products don’t have actual names, just numbers. And to make it more confusing, some of the numbers are the same for say both blush and lip gloss. To me that makes them feel “cheaper” than I prefer. Very hard to remember a random number on a product over a name.

The packaging is all in shiny lacquered black, and overall feels and looks okay. It doesn’t feel as nice as I would want for the price of most of the products though. I did have an issue with the lip gloss top not lining up with the bottom of the tube.

Elle Cosmetics Nail Lacquer
Tropical Blush, Trouble In Taupe

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