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Dior Le Vernis Sailor

Dior Le Vernis Sailor

Dior Le Vernis Sailor is one of three shades in the new limited edition Voyage Transatlantique collection. I have heard this was a Saks only collection but I just bought it at Nordstrom, so that’s obviously not true!

This was color I knew I needed to own as soon as I started seeing swatches of it. It’s just a perfect, rich, bright, intense blue. No way I could pass it up.

The color doesn’t come by itself though, like I was expecting. It comes in a little box with a set of clear “CD” nail stickers and a nail file. Unfortunately the stickers didn’t really work that great because they are a little thick and don’t lie completely flat on my rather curved nails. But it’s a cute idea anyway.

Dior Le Vernis Sailor-2

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Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

Dior Vernis Amazonia Swatches & Review

Dior Vernis Amazonia

Dior Amazonia is oldish, I believe it came out last fall, but somehow it wasn’t on my radar so I recently picked it up.

Dior Vernis Amazonia Swatch

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Dior Vernis Les Violets Hypnotiques for Fall 2012 Swatches, Photos & Review

Dior Vernis Les Violets Hypnotiques

New this fall from Dior is a collection of purple Vernis called Les Violets Hypnotiques.

This collection is limited edition and exclusive to Nordstrom (at least in the US). It contains three new purple shades: two shimmers and a creme.

Something about Dior polishes can be irresistible to me, even more so than Chanel. I don’t love the brushes (super wide), don’t love how small they are and definitely don’t love the price. BUT I find myself gravitating towards them season after season. Especially during the fall…

The three shades are: Shadow, Poison and Orchid (a plum creme which I didn’t purchase).

Dior Vernis Les Violets Hypnotiques 2
Shadow, Poison (no flash)

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Dior Vernis Waterlily Swatches, Photos & Review

Dior Waterlily Bottle

Dior Waterlily is a gorgeous new limited edition pale green nail lacquer from their spring collection called Garden Party.

For me this was kind of a must-have color. I missed out on Chanel Jade long ago, and while this isn’t a dupe from what I gather, it’s an utterly beautiful shimmery green and totally perfect for spring.

Dior Waterlily Bottle 2

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Dior Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011 Vernis Swatches, Photos & Review

Dior Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011

Dior has included four nail lacquers in their Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011 Collection, all which include a bit of gold in them.

The story of Dior and Gold is a long one, with its origins in the very sound of the name – Dior. This fact did not escape Jean Cocteau who said, “Dior, this airy genius of our times whose magical name includes that of God (Dieu) and Gold (or).” Rigour combined with excess: it was a prophetic name. From his first couture collections at the end of the 1940s, Christian Dior toyed with gold as the ultimate symbol of true luxury and dreams, as seen in his 1947 ―Champagne gold – silk Aladdin gown, in the 1949 – Pactole gown and so on.

Gold was synonymous with refinement, also appearing as a delicate highlighting touch on perfume bottles and the first lipsticks. Thus, the fascination with gold has continued over the decades. In whichever way it is used, gold is always symbolic of a doorway into a dream. And today the House of Dior is inviting us to a new enchanted experience with a flamboyant collection created by Tyen, where the colour gold provides the setting for Dior’s emblematic Rouge Dior lipcolors and Vernis nail varnishes. Gold reveals the potency of their shades, and like gold powder thrown into crystal fusion to colour it red, gold equals refinement; it glimmers with luxury.

The shades include Or Divin (221), Exquis (611), Mervielle (651) and Apparat (871). It’s my understanding that only Or Divin (which is a gold shade) is limited edition, but I’m not positive.

The only two that really called my name were Exquis and Apparat, so I picked them up and am sure happy I did!

Dior Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011 2

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