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Dashing Diva Spring 2011 Nail Collection Swatches & Review

Well it’s the first Monday of 2011 and I for one am starting it out right — by not being at work 😀 I do go back tomorrow (loud sigh) though. Are you back to your “normal” schedule yet?

I really do have spring on my mind a lot lately, which is interesting considering I look out my window and all I have seen for the past few weeks for the most part are grey, wet, foggy days. But indoors in my office it’s ALL color and sunshine!

Dashing Diva’s spring 2011 collection will surely get you in the mind-set for longer warmer days as well. The formula was really good on these, thick but easy to apply, with good opacity in two coats.


Butter-Me-Up is a very pretty light butter yellow with heavy yellow/gold shimmer. I was a bit convinced when I saw it that it would be a dupe for Chanel’s new Pearl Drop, but nope. This is much more yellow, with heavier shimmer and warmer. I prefer this one actually. I was really surprised by how thick and opaque it was, considering how light it look. You could almost do a single coat. It does apply “like butter”. 😀

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Dashing Diva Fall 2010 Nail Color Swatches & Review – Part II

Good morning!

The second part of the fall 2010 Dashing Diva collection included a few colors I initially thought I wouldn’t like, but wound up being kind of nice.

Check them out.

Tira, Miss U

Tira, Miss U is an odd color. It’s a milky, greenish brown with fine gold shimmer. In the bottle it looked like a dull brown creme, but it turned out to be very different than I expected. I love the unusual color and was really happy to discover the shimmer. On the bad side, it’s a bit watery and uneven, so it definitely needs three thickish coats for total coverage. It reminds me a bit of Jessica Bittersweet, but a little darker and greener.

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Dashing Diva Nail Color Fall 2010 Swatches & Review – Part I

It may seem strange to still be posting collections for fall 2010 since it seems like winter is so close, but it is still fall for 3+ more weeks!

Dashing Diva has released a new collection for fall of 10 new colors and I’ve got all but one to show you.

I don’t think Dashing Diva gets enough credit for their great colors. It seems like they are a pretty small company and people don’t hear about them often. They are harder to find also, unless you order online. But they do have a really great polish formula and some really spectacular colors.

This is part I of a two part series.

Greenport Grunge

Greenport Grunge is a metallic moss green with yellow, orange and pink shimmer. This is a glowy type of color and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Love the murkiness of the green. It was a little sheer, so I used three coats. It is very similar to OPI At Your Quebec And Call, so if you don’t have that one, you might want to snag this baby!

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Dashing Diva Manhattan Collection for Fall 2009

EDIT: I was just told that the nails Megan Fox is wearing on the Cosmo cover below isn’t Dashing Diva Astor Place but rather Orly Mirror, Mirror. Sorry for the error!

Morning everyone!

Dashing Diva has come out with five new colors for fall in their Manhattan Collection line. I have three of them to show you today.

I love Dashing Diva, I have reviewed a lot of their polishes in the past, which you can see here, and find them to be extremely nice. Their colors are usually very original, the formula is fantastic and at $8.00 each, they are pretty reasonably priced as well.

Dashing Diva Astor Place
Astor Place

Astor Place is a dove grey creme with a hint of lavender. This color is beyond amazing. You don’t think much of it in the bottle, but when it’s on, it’s totally unbelievably cool. This is on the verge of being mushroomy, which is probably why I like it. Hell, I was even sold on this color despite the fact that Megan Fox likes it and is wearing it on the October edition of Cosmo! This was three coats for maximum opacity.

Megan Fox

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Dashing Diva Manhattan Collection – Part II

As promised, here is part deux of the Dashing Diva Manhattan collection (until I order more that is). These are the more unusual and cool colors, I think. I truly love them all and I think you will see why. As mentioned in the other post, I had no application issues at all with these. Pics taken in sun with no top coat.

West Village is a really chic looking caffe latte colored creme. It’s definitely not one of those basic beige neutrals that you see some companies spew out over & over every season. This one looks edgier and more “mushroomy”, which I love! This was three coats.

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