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Zularis Naturals

Recently Penny Tallent from Zularis Naturals contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out her line of hand and foot care products called Zularis Naturals. Well who am I to sneeze at an offer like that, so of course I said yes! Before I go any further a little background on Zularis Naturals. Penny became a licensed manicurist in 1994 after years of nursing (and tons of hand washing) left her hands and nails dry and cracked. Still, she couldn’t find any products that worked to help her situation so she decided to research natural ingredients online. After testing her own concoctions, she came up with a body butter that improved her skin and even stopped her nails from splitting and they began to grow. Soon her family & friends wanted to try this out and so it became a small business. I tested the products out and my reviews are under the pics below.

The set she sent me, cute isn’t it?

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Products I Cannot Live Without

There are beauty products that I use on a daily basis that I cannot imagine living without, so I decided to feature some of them. Of course these are all related to hands and nails, otherwise I would have a VERY long list of makeup and hair products that I need in order to be able to present my face to the public without anyone gagging. Oh and sorry for the totally ghetto background of the pics (don’t you love off-white tile with brown grout as a backdrop?) Let the games begin!

Jaqua Beauty Cocoa Buttercream Frosting Lotion

I cannot say enough about Jaqua products I love them so much! I have this one and the Pink Buttercream Frosting one. I will say at first they are a tad greasy but they really do rub in after a few minutes and are SO sumptuous. The smell is everything I could possibly desire. It really does smell like a cupcake (which is one of my favorite things on earth) and not in a sickly sweet way (although my hubbie would beg to differ in the morning when I put it on in the car…). This stuff makes my hands so soft and nails so shiny, its my hands down (no pun intended) favorite lotion I have ever used and I would buy it in bulk if I could. You can find it online for about $8.00 at or at Ulta.

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