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CND Open Road Collection for Spring 2014

CND Open Road

The CND Open Road Collection for spring 2014 features six beautiful new shades in their VINYLUX formula.

You may remember awhile back I reviewed the VINYLUX polish, which when used with their Weekly Top Coat is supposed to provide up to 14 days of wear. Well it didn’t work for me any better than any other top coat, however that does not deter me from loving all of these new shades one iota!

I love that these shades really do make me think of having a road trip adventure. Maybe to Arizona. Maybe checking out the Grand Canyon. Doesn’t it seem like you would see all six of these shades around the Grand Canyon? Ok I confess, I REALLY want to go to the Grand Canyon one day. I’ve never been to Arizona!

CND Open Road

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CND Vinylux in Overtly Onyx Swatches and Review

CND Vinylux

CND Vinylux is a fairly new weekly polish system that comes in 62 different shades.

What is Vinylux? Well it’s a nail system that contains just two steps. The first one is a self-adhering Color Coat, which eliminates the need for a base coat. It also includes a Weekly Top Coat that uses prolight technology, which allows for increased durability with exposure to normal lighting and prevents yellowing. These together are supposed to create a chip-free manicure that lasts 7 days. You remove it with an acetone based remover and it comes off easy as pie!

But the issue for me was, it came off easy as pie even without the remover…

CND Vinylux Overtly Onyx
Overtly Onyx (Day 1)

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CND The Look for Fall/Winter 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

CND The Look

CND’s The Look for fall and winter 2011 features two new colors and a new super cool sparkle effect.

The two colors are Midnight Sapphire (deep sapphire blue creme) and Dark Amethyst (deep plum creme). 24K Sparkle gives you a gilded gold leaf effect on whatever you apply it on top of. It works really great with these two deep creme colors.

The formula is really good with these. The two colors are super opaque almost in just one coat and apply very nicely. The Sparkle is thicker, but not hard to work with and you get a lot of sparkle!

CND The Look 2

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CND Night Factory Fall 2010 Swatches & Review

CND has introduced a new limited edition duo-set called Night Factory for fall 2010. The set includes Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle.

If you have been reading my site for awhile you know I love these CND Effects they keep coming out with. I think I now own about 10 of them and they are truly amazing.

The formula was spectacular! Urban Oasis (the creme color) applied like butter and I only needed one coat for complete coverage. Teal Sparkle is just as nice, one coat does the job!

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis is a deep teal blue/green creme with a muted tone to it. On it’s own the color is really beautiful and is different from other teals I already own.

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CND Sweet Colour and Sugar Sparkle Effect Swatches and Review

Bonjour! (Good morning in French)

Today I am showing you a spring 2010 preview. Yep that’s right, the spring stuff is now officially being rolled out!

As you know I have shown a lot of the new CND Colour and Effects recently. Those were all part of their core line. The two I am showing today will be limited edition. Check them out!

CND Sweet

Sweet is a poppy pink creme. My camera made this look a wee bit more coral than it is in real life. It’s very pretty, vivid and perfect for spring. This was two coats.

CND Sweet with Sugar Sparkle effect

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