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Cos Bar at Target Nail Polish Swatches, Photos & Review

This just in! Cos Bar lands at Target!

What in the world is Cos Bar you ask? So Target is doing this new thing where they are bringing popular small businesses into their stores for a limited time. It’s called “The Shops” at Target and Cos Bar is one of the brands being featured there now. Cos Bar is a beauty store in Aspen Colorado. At Target they are featuring some nail polishes, soaps, scrubs, lotions and body polishes.

Anyway, there are four shades of nail polish there now, and when I saw them, of course had to check them out!

A word about the names/bottles. The names are not anywhere on the bottles! I actually had to look them up online to find them out. And one of them seems very weirdly named for the color it actually is…

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