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The Award for the Best Nail Polish of 2012 Goes to…Color Club Port-Folio!

Color Club Port Folio Bottle

The year is not yet over but here I go choosing my favorite nail polish of 2012. There are a couple reasons for my early decision.

One is that since I did this, I cut all my nails down to super nubs knowing I wouldn’t be able to swatch for a bit. Then on top of the super nubs, my ring finger nail decided to break so it’s now a super, super nub. Nothing annoys me more than uneven nails, so I am still waiting for it to grow out to swatch other collections I am waiting on. I took these photos back in August. :)

But the second reason is that I honestly don’t think there will be another shade released this year that I love as much as Color Club Port-Folio.

Color Club Port Folio Bottle 2

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Color Club Blossoming for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review


Color Club Blossoming is a spring 2012 collection that reflects the colors of budding flowers. It also includes a polish called Diamond Drops, meant to mimic the look of dewy rain drops on petals.

Aside from Diamond Drops, which is a silver holographic flake, the five shades are all creme finishes. I did have some minor issues with streakiness with a few of these and most took three coats to get completely even and covered.

Color Club Blushing Rose
Blushing Rose

Blushing Rose is a pale pink shade. Not quite a pastel, but close. It’s a really pretty shiny color, but not without some problems. It applied very streaky at first, and even with three coats there are some spots not completely covered as much as I would like.

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Color Club Take Wing Collection for Summer 2012 Swatches, Photos & Review

Happy Presidents’ Day! It’s not a holiday for me but I did take the day off as a vacation day, so it kinda counts!

Color Club Take Wing is a new summer collection. It features six bright mega-shimmery polishes. It’s a little reminiscent of Misa Paradise Shore from last year, as someone reminded me on Twitter.

The formula with all of these was good. They were on the thinner side, a little sheer but built up completely opaque in three coats. You could do two thicker ones most likely, but I’m a three-coat kinda lady. A few of these look a little duochrome-esque in the bottle but it doesn’t really show much on the nail, sadly.

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Color Club Under The Mistletoe Collection for Holiday 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

Color Club Under The Mistletoe is a glittery, holographic collection of six new colors.

Yep, more glitter. But holo glitter is pretty cool I think. And for some reason these seemed a little less messy to remove than some other recent glitters I’ve swatched. Maybe it’s because I only used two coats instead of three (trying to preserve my cuticles!). I didn’t get full coverage with any of these using two coats, and all but one have a clear base.

The glitter in all of these is very small and hexagonal. There is one (Holiday Splendor) which also has TEENY glitter along with the small glitter. To the naked eye this might be harder to detect but luckily my macro lens makes it easier. :)

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Color Club Backstage Pass for Holiday 2011 Swatches, Macro Photos & Review

Color Club Backstage Pass is a glittery, festive collection for the holiday season this year. But you best make sure you have MAJOR patience!

These aren’t your garden variety glitters. Nay. They are super crazy multi-colored, shaped and sized glitters and all but one are set in a clear base. You can use them as a layer atop a colored polish or pack ’em on for a majorly glittery effect. But that’s where your patience will be required because these are a bit difficult to work with.

Color Club Fame  Fortune

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