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Ciate Shell Manicure in She Sells Sea Shells

Ciate Shell Manicure She Sells Seashells

When I was last at Sephora I came across something intriguing called Ciate Shell Manicure in She Sells Sea Shells ($25). I normally don’t purchase or cover Ciate products ever since they tried to claim they invented the “Caviar Manicure” (which in fact bloggers were posting about long before they came up with it) but this looked too interesting to pass up.

Shell Manicure comes in three different colors: She Sells Sea Shells, Mermaid You Look and Wish Upon a Starfish. Sea Sells Sea Shells was the most appealing to me because of the candy-colored crushed shell pieces. It looks so cool!

Ok so what’s inside the kit? You get a regular cream nail shade, a bottle of crushed sea shells, an instruction booklet and a little funnel to put the unused shells back into the bottle when you are finished.

Ciate Shell Manicure She Sells Seashells-2

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Ciate Nail Polish Swatches and Review

What’s shakin’ Internet?

I have FINALLY gotten around to swatching some nail polishes I got in a swap from my friend Helen from Helen and Sheenie’s Nice Things in England. She sent these SOOOO long ago, I feel terrible! Oh and I must say she’s new to Twitter also, so if you have a Twitter account, check her out at @HelenNiceThings.

The polishes I have today are from a brand called Ciate from the UK. I have had my eye on these honeys for an eternity, mainly because of the adorable bottles!

Ciate bottle
You cannot tell me that’s not ridiculously cute!

The formula on these isn’t the best on earth, but certainly not the worst. It is a little thick and sticky, but I didn’t have to do any special tricks to get it applied nicely. They were all opaque in either one or two coats also, which is nice!

Ciate Vintage

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