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As you might have noticed, Carolyn New York is having a really great 50% off sale on their polishes now through Jan 10th. Here are two more swatches I have not yet shown to possibly inspire you to get, or not get these colors for half off. Pics taken in sun with no top coat.

Dark Side Of The City
I’m not sure why this is called Dark Side of The City since it’s BRIGHT electric blue, but whatever. It’s a really fun vivid blue shimmer and only needed two coats. This one was particularly creamy going on.

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Extended Sale!

Morning ya’ll. Carolyn New York extended their 50% off sale until Jan 10th so don’t walk, RUN to to get your polishes super cheap!

Talk to you soon!

Huge Sale at Carolyn New York!

Just a quick blurb to tell you NOW is the time to order anything you might want from Carolyn New York’s website because they are having a 50% sale until Jan 7th!!

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Carolyn New York Holiday 2008

Happy New Year! 2009 is off to a slightly backwards start here at Vampy Varnish. I am bringing you Carolyn New York’s Holiday 2008 Collection. These were supposed to come out on Dec 1st on their website, but didn’t actually show up until mid December. By the time I received and swatched them, it was after Christmas already. Oh well, I liked most of them anyway and for the most part these colors seem more like a Spring or Fall collection rather than Holiday (except for the red one). All pics taken with my sexy new camera, in the sun with no top coat.

Tinsel Town
Tinsel Town was a color I knew immediately was not going to work on my skin. It’s just too yellow for me, which gives me that wonderful jaundice look I am oh so fond of. Though it doesn’t look great on me, I did like the color, which is a shimmery yellow gold which almost looks foil-y. This is two coats.

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Carolyn New York Swatches – The Blues

It’s almost Friday folks! I am very excited because after today I do not have to be back at work until Jan 5th, yahoooo! Sorry for the lack of posting, but it’s been horrifically cold and/or rainy here in the Bay Area as of late and I can’t take any good pics indoors. I am sure a lot of you are thinking, yeah right horrifically cold, what like 55 degrees? No my friends, this morning and yesterday the temp was 29 at my house! I can hear some of you who live in places that get -30 snickering, but trust me that’s DAMN COLD for us! It actually snowed! So anyway today I am bringing you the LAST of the pics that are crappy, yay! I do have a bunch of new stuff coming in from Chanel, Dashing Diva & Carolyn New York as well as some older favs from butter LONDON, Sephora by OPI, China Glaze and Misa so fear not, as long as the weather cooperates, I will have more swatches soon. All these were taken in sun with no top coat.

Blue Skies Over The City
When I first saw this one I was thinking it looked more white than light blue. When you actually apply it though, it really is like a light blue sky. It has that *chalky* effect which I actually really like. It’s a creamy consistency but definitely needed three good coats because as most light polishes, it was a bit streaky at first.

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