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CalGel Nails by Guest Blogger: Kasey from Bay Area Style File

Good morning all!

Today I have a guest review from blogger Kasey from Bay Area Style File. She will be chatting about CalGel nails and showing some great photos of her manicures. Enjoy!

I first discovered CalGel by chance. I was looking at the August 2009 issue of Marie Claire where new nail innovations was a topic. Of course I had tried Minx and matte nail polish so the next natural step for me was to try CalGel. Amazingly the only shop with a certified technician as well as a certified trainer (Keina Kataoka) was Bisou Nail Lounge (right in my backyard in Oakland, CA).

Now what is CalGel? Well it’s made of organic compounds formulated to the texture of smooth honey, it doesn’t require any electric filing, doesn’t use any nail clips for removal, and your nails can “breathe” eliminating the fungus and infection associated with acrylics. Since I’ve had CalGel nails (August 2009) and I haven’t experienced any of the lifting/peeling/chipping associated with acrylics.

The application process is pretty simple: first your nails are lightly buffed (by hand); then a thin coat of a clear CalGel is applied (like applying nail polish); nails are then “cured” under a UV light. After that point you can be done or you can get creative by adding colored CalGel, glitter, rhinestones, pearls, and even dried flowers, there are really no limits.  CalGel starts around $45 dollars (depending on the shop in your area) for a clear overlay, and goes up depending on what you add on ( rhinestones, glitter etc). CalGel can last up to 4 weeks and they have to be rebalanced (CalGel talk for a fill) after that time.

Here are some of Kasey’s amazing CalGel manicures.

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