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Borghese Limoncello and Euro Green Nail Lacquer Swatches

Borghese Nail Lacquer

Top ‘o’ the morning to ya!

Just a quickie post to show you some Borghese Nail Lacquer colors I had been wanting and finally picked up. Limoncello and Euro Green.

Limoncello is one of the new Rapido (quick dry) formula colors, and Euro Green is their regular formula, and I think a slightly older color.

Borghese Limoncello

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Borghese Rapido Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

Borghese Rapido

Borghese has a new line of nail lacquers out called Rapido Fast Dry Nail Lacquer.

These are quick-drying polishes that currently come in 12 different colors and finishes.


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New Borghese Nail Lacquers for Spring 2010 Swatches and Review

Afternoon peeps!

Last weekend I was on a major drug store nail polish excursion. My mission was to find the Milani holo’s (which I did) and maybe some other delicious new finds. Score for me, I got all kinds of goodies and I am showing you the Borghese ones today!

So Borghese is a brand that I have reviewed in the past and was never that enamored with. A lot of times their colors just don’t appeal to me, they are very sheer or just basic reds and pinks that are boring.

I also have a very strong aversion to the bottles, I think they look so incredibly outdated. And don’t even get me started on the caps! But I have learned that sometimes nice things come in hideous packages, and so I looked past that with these puppies. These were all out in the “new” makeup section, so I assume these are new for spring, even though the colors are mostly dark. I only got the three that most appealed to me, but there were also 3 or 4 others.

The formula on these was very nice, creamy, smooth no drag and fairly opaque in two coats. Check them out.

Stellare Notte

Stellare Notte is a dark blue/green that has tons of purple, pink, green and blue shimmer. This is really hard to describe but it’s very unique. This was the first one I saw of these and I snatched it up immediately for fear it was the last one! This was two coats.

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Borghese Allegra Swatches & Review from Guest Blogger Lacquer Laine

Morning all!

Today I have a guest post from blogger Lacquer Laine. Check out her swatches and review!

You know those nail polishes you see in the drugstore with the exotic name, interesting trapezoidal bottle, and a hefty price tag? Borghese? I have never, ever bought one! You know why? I haven’t because I have never, ever been impressed by any of the colors. There are browns and whites, pinks and reds, and none of them are pretty or unique enough to spend $9 a bottle. Until now! Borghese has released some nail polish sets for the holidays, and they are loaded with glitter and shimmer, and they are really pretty! The only difference is that they are mini bottles (0.14 oz.). These polishes have a nice smooth formula, and all swatches were done in two coats.

The set we will be looking at today is called “Allegra”. The individual polishes however, do not have names.

Gold-gold glitter-1

This is a very yellow gold with gold glitter. The glitter is a more toned down gold then the base, and I really enjoy the two shades together. It gives more depth. The glitter is not very dense. It’s not a “super-glitter” like the new Zoya glitters. That makes for easy removal.

Red-red glitter

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Borghese Nail Polish

Happy Saturday morning! I am up WAY earlier than usual this morning for some crazy reason. I’m excited because I am going to lunch in Napa with a friend today and it’s sunny and fabulous outside! Tomorrow I plan on spending ALL DAY swatching as many polishes as humanly possible   Today I am bringing you some craptastic pics that I took last week in my light box. I decided to show them even though I don’t like ’em because there is no way I am swatching all of these again! None of these are from their new collection, rather these are from early/mid 2008. A note about the formula. It was really nice on all of these, I had no issues. The cremes in particular were really nice to apply and fairly opaque. The brushes on Borghese polishes are flat and wide and I both like and don’t like that. I like it because it covers my whole nail almost in one swipe, but for my smaller nails, I have to be more careful so as to not get it all over the sides of my fingers also. Pics taken with no top coat.

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