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BB Couture Shades of Grey Collection Swatches & Review

BB Couture Shades of Grey is a new six-piece collection named after a certain uber popular book which shall not be named.

I’ll admit, I started and initially liked this book that shall not be named. But about halfway through I nearly lost my mind with the horrible writing. I mean there is silly trashy writing and then there is this book that shall not be named. A book I could have written when I was a pre-teen. That’s how bad it is.

ANYWAY onto the nail collection! Obviously as the name implies, these nail lacquers are all shades of grey. All are glittery or shimmery and most were three coats for me.

BB Couture Smoke

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BB Couture Rhythm & Blues Collection Swatches & Review – Part II

Love blue nail polish? Then you may love the new BB Couture Rhythm & Blues collection, or rather the “Blues” part. :) Blues features six new blue nail polish shades in various finishes.

There is surely a blue in here with your name on it since we have light, medium, dark and even a blurple thrown in for good measure. 😉

Most of these were two-coaters, a couple were three though. The formula overall was a bit better than the Rhythm collection, I think mainly because there aren’t any pastel cremes, which can be tricky.

Stone Crazy, Hoochie Coochie Man, Black Snake Moan

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BB Couture Rhythm & Blues Collection Swatches & Review – Part I

Look what just landed on my desk! The new BB Couture Rhythm & Blues collection! This is a typical two-parter for BB Couture featuring the “regular” side (Rhythm) and the “For Men” side (Blues).

The Rhythm side features six new shades all in various finishes. Unlike the Blues side, which are all blue, we have more colors here and some unusual ones to boot! That’s what I love about BB Couture. They are not afraid of weird or what some people call ugly shades. The ugly ones usually turn out to be my favorites.

The formula was not totally consistent with these, some were two coats some three. A couple were a little streaky.

Dance, Beat, BPM

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BB Couture Men on Film Collection for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review

BB Couture Men on Film is the second new collection from them for spring. It’s the “manly” side of the collection.

This set features matte nail colors. Four of them are matte and two have a shimmery/matte finish. Actually they’re more satin-like than truly matte.

I did have some issues with the formula with most of these. The matte (non-shimmer) ones are VERY thick. They’re kind of hard to get even with no streaks. I felt I needed two coats for maximum coverage around edges especially, but it was so thick it made it even streakier. The shimmer/mattes ones were less thick and easier to work with. No streaking.

BB Couture Commando

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BB Couture Girls on Tape Collection for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review

Have you heard? BB Couture has a new spring collection out that features twelve new colors! The regular “women’s” collection is called Girls on Tape and that’s what I’m featuring today.

The shades in Girls on Tape are all named after movies. These six colors are flecked with either small glitter sparkles or have a shimmer finish.

Nearly all of them were just two coats, though they seemed sheer at first. Nice formula, no streaking or weird problems. The one thing I did notice was for the almost all of the glitter ones, the glitter seemed to sink into the color, so it was more in the background hiding rather than up front. I prefer the glitter to sit on top of my polish rather than sink in that much. They are a little rough (not bad though) so you’ll need a nice top coat. But you knew that already didn’t you? 😉

BB Couture African Queen

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