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Barielle Spring Vibrants for 2014

Barielle Spring Vibrants

Barielle Spring Vibrants for 2014 is a happy little collection of six new spring cremes.

I feel like I am reviewing these so late, and I kind of am actually (I’ve had them for like 6 weeks)! Having said that, I think I am mostly done with spring nail collections, so going forward you will probably be seeing mostly summer shades.

Anyway as mentioned these are all creme shades. Some are bright, some are soft and subdued. All had a nice, if thick, formula and covered in just two coats. Great coverage I have to say!

Barielle Spring Vibrants

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Barielle Sophisticated Lady for Fall 2013

Barielle Sophisticated Lady

The Barielle Sophisticated Lady for fall 2013 collection features five shades. One of them you have seen before in their other fall 2013 release.

The colors are as follows:

  • London High Tea – A bright pink creme with golden shimmer
  • In Good Taste – A chocolate brown/taupe creme
  • Dinner at 8 – A bright rich red creme
  • Tres Chic – A deep blue creme
  • Edgy – A vampy purple creme

The formula was really great with all of these colors. I used two coats for all but Dinner at 8, which required three thin ones because it’s a bit jelly-like. For Tres Chic, which is very opaque, I have just one coat on!

Barielle London High Tea

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Barielle Nude and Naughty Collection for Fall 2013

Barielle Nude and Naughty Collection

Happy Monday to ya! Was your weekend good? Do anything exciting and maybe Halloween-y?

I started a pumpkin painting project yesterday, which has been fun. I got the idea from the October issue of Family Circle magazine. I will probably do a blog post about it once I’m done. It’s so fun and I have so many ideas now I want to buy more pumpkins to paint!

But now, back to business.

The Barielle Nude and Naughty Collection for fall 2013 features, you guessed it, nudes!

But all of these aren’t sheer or boring nudes. A couple have glowing shimmer. And one is a rich creamy shade that reminds me a lot of one of my favorite polish shades ever.

The formula was ok to good depending on the shade.

Barielle Nude and Naughty Collection-2

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Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection for Summer 2013

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection

What up party people? Hope your Friday is going swimmingly thus far. I’m so glad it’s Friday aren’t you? It’s been a long hellishly hot week in the Bay Area this week. And by hot I don’t mean 78 degrees. Most people think San Francisco/Bay Area peeps are weather wimps (and we kinda are when it comes to cold weather) but I mean 95-100 at my house. Blech! I love me some hot weather but let’s try keeping it around 80-85 ok?

Speaking of hotness the new Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection for summer 2013 features five new hot creme shades. It’s been a really long time since I reviewed Barielle. Maybe even three years?! They kind of fell off my radar but I think they are making somewhat of a comeback now.

The formula of these five was really, really good. Their cremes are really thick, but not in a bad way. They cover like a dream and you only need one to two coats. Fabulous!

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection-2

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Nail Art Wednesday with Let Them Have Polish – How to: Mod Dots with Barielle

Nail Art Image

Hello and welcome to a new feature I am very excited to announce!

The fabulous Cristina from Let Them Have Polish will be showing us a new nail art post every other Wednesday in the new series “Nail Art Wednesday with Let Them Have Polish“!

After the tutorial stay for some Q & A with Cristina and learn more about her. Hope you enjoy!


Words cannot describe how excited I am to be doing this collab with Kelly!! I know everyone always says this when they post for their idols, and I will be no exception. :D

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