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China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint vs. American Apparel Office – Reader Request!

China Glaze vs American Apparel

Welcome to another edition of “vs.” where today we are featuring some minty deliciousness.

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint and American Apparel Office.

Sidebar: I am suddenly craving mint chocolate chip ice cream!

This was a reader request and I thought it was a good one because there are some definite similarities with these colors.

China Glaze vs American Apparel 3

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American Apparel Neon Nail Lacquer Swatches, Photos & Review

American Apparel has a new summer collection out which includes six new NEON colors. I mean NEON!

Some companies say they have neon polish but really it’s just a bright creme. These (well most that I tried) are truly retina-burning brights.

My eyes actually adjusted when I looked at some of them!

The six shades are:

  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Red
  • Neon Coral
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Yellow
  • Neon Violet

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American Apparel Nail Lacquer Summer 2010 Swatches & Review

Hey everyone!

Been awhile since I have been able to post any polish so today I’ve got some fun new colors from American Apparel for summer 2010.

The formula on these is really, really great. They have their stuff down! All of these were only two coats for full opacity and one could have been just one coat. The lighter colors look like they will be a hot streaky mess, but they are actually very even. I was super impressed!

Read on for swatches!

Summer Peach

Summer Peach is a light peachy/nude. This was the first of these collection that I swatched and I truly thought it was going to be horrible, but I was so wrong. Even with just one coat, it was very opaque and smooth. It’s not my favorite color on me personally, but could see the appeal on those with a different skin tone.

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American Apparel Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

EDIT: Looks like these have been pulled. Different stories are going around about why they have been recalled, but here is an article someone posted in a comment.

Hallo Mates!

As you might be aware of, American Apparel the clothing company recently released a line of nail lacquer. The company sent me one to review, but I really wanted to check out their other colors and formula a little more in depth, so I ordered six more. I am NOT disappointed in what I got, they are really great!

The formula on these is totally outstanding. They are really smooth, no cuticle drag, not too thick or thin and opaque (most of them) in two coats. I am really impressed, I wasn’t expecting this great of quality from a company that doesn’t specialize in cosmetics, to be honest.

Have a looksee!


Mouse is a mouse taupe creme. Yes, this has the mushroom thing going on also, which is great. This one is a lot lighter than other mushroomy taupe’s we have recently seen. It’s not a dupe for anything I own, but very similar to Orly Country Club Khaki. Some other taupe’s you can compare this to are: Rimmel Steel Grey, Orly Country Club Khaki and OPI Over The Taupe. If you look at pics side by side (open two browser windows and compare) you will see they are all different. This was two coats.

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