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a-england Hurt No Living Thing and Excalibur Renaissance

a-england Hurt No Living Thing

 a-england has brought back Excalibur Renaissance by popular demand and also has released a new shade called Hurt No Living Thing.

Excalibur Renaissance is an intense silver metallic. This is not to be confused with the new shade called Excalibur, which is a grey with holo shimmer. Hurt No Living Thing is a sheer greyed out pink which can be used by itself or as a topper to other shades.

You can find these on the a-england site or check her “Where To Buy” page to see other sellers.

e-england Excalibur Renaissance and Hurt No Living Thing-2

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a-england Ballerina Collection Swatches and Review

a-england Ballerina

The a-england Ballerina collection is a new four-piece collection featuring pretty, soft, ethereal holographic shades.

Ballerina was inspired by Margot Fonteyn, a world-famous dancer, and her partner Rudof Nureyev. They danced together in many ballets including Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Don Quixote. I grew up watching ballet because my mom loved it and took classes when she was young, as did I. I hadn’t thought of these names in years so I’m happy to see a collection based on their amazing talent.

All four of these shades apply like smooth, melted butter. Perfection. They only need two coats to be perfect and opaque. Adina knocked it out of the park again!

a-england Ballerina-2

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a-england Burne-Jones Dream Swatches and Review

a-england Burne-Jones Dream

a-england Burne-Jones Dream is a new collection featuring four amazing holographic shimmery shades (with a 5th to come!).

But who is Edward Burne-Jones? He was a British painter who did a series of painting between 1885-1890 called The Legend Of Briar Rose. I happen to think this makes an excellent inspiration for a-england nail shades!

As usual with this brand the formula is so incredibly perfect. One coat seems like it will be too sheer, but after the second completely creamy one, everything is opaque, even and perfect.

a-england Burne-Jones Dream-2
Clockwise: Rose Bower, Fated Prince, Briar Rose, Sleeping Palace

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a-england Holy Grail and Beauty Never Fails Swatches & Review

A england Holy Grail  Beauty Never Fails

a-england has two new goodies out for us now. One might sound a bit familiar but it’s not the same…

Holy Grail is a new edition of the super gold polish of the same name. This one is a shimmery, metallic duochrome! And Beauty Never Fails is a brand spankin’ new deep green shimmer.

A england Holy Grail  Beauty Never Fails Macro
Holy Grail, Beauty Never Fails

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a-england Gothic Beauties Collection for Fall 2012 Swatches & Review

a-england has a gorgeous new five-piece collection out this fall called Gothic Beauties.

As with her previous collections, the shades and names are all inspired by the myths and lore of England. In other words, these are perfect for me! ;)

I have said this before about these polishes, and I’ll say it again. The formula is incredible. They are thick, but not sticky or gloopy. They have this certain texture to them so that they apply very opaque (nearly 1-coaters) and almost dry. Ok not dry, but they don’t run or move around once you swipe it on your nail. No messy bleeding into cuticles or the sides of your nails. Hard to explain, but they’re fabulous. All of these were just two coats.

Tess D’Urbervilles, Lady Of Shalott, Dorian Gray, Jane Eyre, Ophelia

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