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A Beautiful Life Nails Natural Lacquer Swatches & Review

A Beautiful Life Natural Nail Lacquers is a “green” line of nail lacquers from the company A Beautiful Life Brands. Their nail colors are big 3 free, non-toxic, soy based and come in recyclable packaging!

They currently have about 18 colors available and I have tested three of them, along with their soy nail polish remover for you.

The formula on these is just ok in my book. Two of them were pretty thick and had a little bit of a sticky feel to them, which made it more difficult to get even coats. The other was very sheer, but that wasn’t the formula’s fault, it was meant to be a sheer color.

One great thing about these, other than the green bonus, is that they print the name of the color on the front of the bottle. I think that’s a great idea and wish more company’s would do the same thing. A lot of times those little stickers fall off older bottles then I can’t remember what they are anymore!


Vette is a baby blue creme. I think this color is really flattering and gorgeous, if not a dupe for many other baby “Tiffany” blues I already have. Of the three I tested, this was the thickest one, and I had a little trouble with it. But it did turn out fairly decent in the pic. This was two coats.

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