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100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cosmetics Swatches & Review

I am pretty excited about today’s post because it’s all about a company devoted to being Vegan and helping animals. They are called 100% Pure and are located near me in Oakland, CA. It’s always nice to find a great local company!

Their products have been mentioned in many top selling magazines including O, Elle, InStyle, Health and Self and Lucky. They have a pretty wide-range of products that include cosmetics, skin care, bath products, etc.

100% Pure is all about being natural. Their products are Vegan, cruelty-free, they don’t contain suflates, synthetic chemicals, phthalates, parabens, harsh detergents, artificial colors or fragrances. They are also packed with all organic, unrefined ingredients and antioxidants. Does it get better? Why yes. They are also gluten-free and the suncreen (in some of the products) is a physical sunblock.

Another really cool thing about 100% Pure is that they use actual fruit and vegetable pigments as coloring for all of their cosmetics. So basically the pigments that make a strawberry red or a blueberry dark blue are being used in their products rather than chemicals for coloring. Very cool!

All their products have expiration dates on them since they are made without typical preservatives. They can last (in general) two years unopened or 6-8 months after opening.

They are even environmentally responsible with their packaging “All our 100% Pure formulas are biodegradable, all our labels are printed with non toxic soy ink, our packaging is from post recycled and or recyclable materials, our shipping materials are pre-cycled – we pick up from our neighbors packing materials such as popcorn and packing boxes to re-use them which eliminates waste, and majority of the paper we use is recycled.”

Here are even more great things I learned about them while looking at their website:

“We have rescued and placed 21 dogs into loving, happy homes that were abandoned or about to get euthanized at shelters”

“We have donated to private individuals who were not able to afford surgery or necessary medical care for their pets and without our help, a lot of caretakers would have had to of put their pets to sleep or let them suffer in pain. We arranged with animal hospitals to contact us if a caretaker opts out of treatment due to financial inability. We told the hospitals if there are ever cases like this, we are happy to financially help and this year, we saved quite a few pets this way”

“We made generous financial and product donations to no kill shelters that needed to raise money”

I had the opportunity to review a few of their products and after testing them for a good month I am pretty pleased with the results.

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