Too Faced Spring 2017 Collection

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Over the weekend I received the Too Faced Spring 2017 Collection to check out and I have some swatches and photos for you now. The spring collection consists of their new limited edition Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection, which is a palette featuring 30 eye shadows in a slim case (including 17 new shades), three new Love Light Prismatic Highlighters (new product), six new Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick shades and four Chocolate Brow-nie Cocoa Brow Powder Pencils (new product).

Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection

Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection ($59.00)


Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection

The limited edition Natural Eye Shadow Collection features 30 eye shadow shades ranging from mattes to shimmers to iridescents. There are some favorites from the bestselling Natural Eyes, Natural Matte and Natural At Night Palettes, but also 17 new shades and exclusive shades.

It comes in a very nice and slim palette featuring a really pretty spring-like pattern on the front with fuzzy, soft lettering. Inside there is a large mirror.

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

Love Light Prismatic Highlighter ($30.00)

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

Love Light Prismatic Highlighter is a new product and comes in three shades. They use a patented “Prisma Shine” technology which is a combo of a powder, liquid, baked and cream formula to create a beautiful pearly glow. The compacts are mirrored and reflect what the shade is inside. They have a raised, heart-shaped diamond-like cut shape and are embossed with a “TF” logo. So pretty they are hard to use!

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter Blinded By The Light

Love Light Prismatic Highlighter Blinded By The Light

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter You Light Up My Life

Love Light Prismatic Highlighter You Light Up My Life

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter Ray Of Light

Love Light Prismatic Highlighter Ray Of Light

Heaven, Fairy Tale, Nudie, Tickle Me, Don’t Settle, Fingers Crossed (over primer)

Heaven is a pale eggshell white matte.

Fairy Tale is a pale glittery champagne.

Nudie is a light taupe matte.

Tickle Me is a pale taupe/champagne shimmer.

Don’t Settle is a medium mushroom shimmer.

Fingers Crossed is a cool deep chocolate brown with gold sparkles.

Lace Teddy, Satin Sheets, Push-Up, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini, Undercover (over primer)

Lace Teddy is a pale pink matte.

Satin Sheets is a light pink/gold iridescent.

Push-Up is a metallic taupe/mauve.

Honey Pot is a gold metallic.

Chocolate Martini is a dark warm brown with gold sparkles.

Undercover is a dark cool brown matte with blue and pink sparkles.

Pink Cheeks, Kittens, Bunny Nose, Moonbeam, Love bug, Smokin’ (over primer)

Pink Cheeks is a pale pink matte with pink shimmer.

Kittens is a pink/gold iridescent.

Bunny Nose is a cotton candy pink metallic.

Moonbeam is a light metallic champagne/tan.

Love Bug is a deep metallic mauve.

Smokin’ is a deep greyish/mushroom with shimmer.

Poodle, Cutie Patootie, Dear Diary, Coffee Date, Spoiled, Night Fever (over primer)

Poodle is a white with pink shimmer.

Cutie Patootie is a metallic pink/mauve.

Dear Diary is a metallic bronze.

Coffee Date is a metallic copper.

Spoiled is a metallic warm brown.

Night Fever is a dark brown with gold sparkles. I know I have described three colors as dark brown with gold sparkles, but they really are all different shades.

Spotlight, Honey Butter, Honeymoon, Hot & Bothered, Makeup & Chill, Stiletto (over primer)

Spotlight is a pale cream/tan matte.

Honey Butter is a light flesh-y/orange matte.

Honeymoon is a shimmery peach.

Hot & Bothered is an intense orange with gold sparkles.

Makeup & Chill is a reddish/brown matte.

Stiletto is a black matte.

Blinded By The Light, You Light Up My Life, Ray Of Light (over primer)

Blinded By The Light is a pale silver.

You Light Up My Life is a medium warm gold.

Ray Of Light is a light rose gold.

I feel like the eye shadow palette is pretty darn good, especially if you don’t already have shades like these. I know some of their eye shadow palettes have been kind of just ok lately, but this one swatched rather nicely for me for the most part. The shadows had a very nice texture, good pigmentation and overall there is a nice mix of shades and finishes. Most of the mattes were smooth and not patchy with the exception of the two darker ones in the last row. The pale glittery ones are definitely on the slightly gritty side, which can happen with glitters, and they are definitely prone to fall-out. I absolutely love the iridescent and metallic shades. They seemed to be super creamy and are very nicely pigmented. And as mentioned above, there are three in here I described as dark chocolate brown with gold shimmer, but they truly are all different shades.

As far as the prismatic highlighters, they are nice also! The silvery and rose gold ones are really good for fair skin and the gold one would be great with deeper skin tones. They are not glittery, though they do have small glittery particles in them if you look closely. But they aren’t the kind of glitter particle that you see on the skin or that gets all over, they just help give your skin a pearly glow.

You can find the Too Faced Spring 2017 Collection on March 9th on their site. And there is a 60% off sale going on now on their site as well, just click the banner below if you are interested in checking it out!


Is there anything in the Too Faced Spring 2017 Collection you are going to be picking up on the 9th when the it goes live?


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