KBShimmer The Office Space Collection

Hello and a happy Thursday to you!

Today I’ve got the new KBShimmer The Office Space Collection for spring 2017! This collection includes eight new “office appropriate” neutral, yet (mostly) still sparkly colors. All of them applied really nicely and I had no application problems at all. Most were just two coats, a couple were three.

KBShimmer Caught On Tape

Caught On Tape

Caught On Tape is a light pinky/mauve creme.

KBShimmer Makin' Copies

Makin’ Copies

Makin’ Copies is a light silver with white shimmer and rainbow linear holo sparkles.

KBShimmer Fax Of Life

Fax Of Life

Fax Of Life is a deep platinum grey with linear holo shimmer.

KBShimmer A Hint Of Manila

A Hint Of Manila

A Hint Of Manila is a light tan/beige base with lots of gold shimmer and holo sparkles.

KBShimmer Supplies Party

Supplies Party

Supplies Party is a light cream/gold and has tons of golden sparkles and holo shimmer.

KBShimmer Take Back Ctrl

Take Back Ctrl

Take Back Ctrl is a deep mauve creme.

KBShimmer Cubicle Pusher

Cubicle Pusher

Cubicle Pusher is a mauve/muted purple with holo shimmer.

KBShimmer Staple Relationship

Staple Relationship

Staple Relationship is a metallic dark grey with holo sparkles.

KBShimmer The Office Space Collection

So many pretty and sparkly shades here. And even though it features a lot of neutral colors, they aren’t boring or common shades. Of course I am especially liking the ones with holo shimmer, which is actually most of these. I really love Cubicle Pusher, Fax Of Life and Makin’ Copies the most. The other ones with shimmer are also very glittery, which isn’t my cup of tea usually. The two cremes are both really nice also, and I especially like the deep Take Back Ctrl shade.

You can find the KBShimmer The Office Space Collection on their site and they are $9.25 each.

Which ones grab your eye? Do you have to wear “office appropriate” nail colors or does anything go where you work?


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Written by Kelly
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