Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipstick

Hello and happy weird post-Christmas-pre-New-Years week!

For quite awhile I had been wanting to try Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipstick so I finally purchased a few shades recently. Fascinating intro, right? Sorry, I’m not feeling too great right now so this will be short and to the point!

The applicator is a nice slightly bent sponge type which applies the lipstick very evenly.

Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipstick

Sugarplum, Grim, Wolfsbane

Sugarplum is a lavender with hidden blue shimmer.

Grim is a murky greyish lavender.

Wolfsbane is a deep taupe/plum.

Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipstick Sugarplum


Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipstick Grim


Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipstick Wolfsbane


I found these to apply very nicely, dry within 1-2 minutes and be really even (on the lips – not so much my hand) and pigmented. I did notice a difference in the formulas between some of them. Sugarplum, which is one of their newer holiday 2016 shades, felt less dry on my lips than the other two. Grim and Wolfsbane are definitely on the dry liquid lipstick side compared to many brands I’ve used. That’s not to say they are unwearable – I just feel better with a lip balm under (or over) them. I love all of these shades though! Grim and Wolfsbane actually appeal to me a little more than Sugarplum on my skintone.

You can find Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipstick on their site (which seems to be down for maintenance until Jan 2nd, sorry!) here and they are $15.95 each.

Have you tried this brand out yet? See anything here that tempts you?


Written by Kelly
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