a-England Tennysons Romance Winter 2016

Hello and happy Tuesday!

The a-england Tennyson’s Romance Winter 2016 collection features five new shades and here is an Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem called The Beggar Maid which inspired this shimmery collection!

Her arms across her breast she laid;
She was more fair than words can say:
Bare-footed came the beggar maid
Before the king Cophetua.
In robe and crown the king stept down,
To meet and greet her on her way;
“It is no wonder,” said the lords,
“She is more beautiful than day”.

As shines the moon in clouded skies,
She in her poor attire was seen:
One praised her ancles, one her eyes,
One her dark hair and lovesome mien:
So sweet a face, such angel grace,
In all that land had never been:
Cophetua sware a royal oath:
“This beggar maid shall be my queen!”

All the colors swatched beautifully with just two coats.

a-England The Beggar Maid

The Beggar Maid

The Beggar Maid is a deep grey with holographic shimmer.

a-England Angel Grace

Angel Grace

Angel Grace is a medium grape purple with holographic shimmer.

a-England Shall Be My Queen

Shall Be My Queen

Shall Be My Queen is a bright red with holographic shimmer.

a-England King Cophetua

King Cophetua

King Cophetua is a deep blackened green with holographic shimmer.

a-England In Robe And Crown

In Robe And Crown

In Robe And Crown is a deep blackened red garnet with holographic shimmer.

a-England Tennysons Romance Winter 2016

All five of these colors are so pretty and shimmery, and the formula was spot-on as usual. My personal favorites are Angel Grace, In Robe And Crown and King Cophetua.

You can find the a-england Tennysons Romance Winter 2016 collection on their site and at their stockists now.

Which ones are your favorites?


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Written by Kelly
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