Swarovski Crystals

Hello there! I recently had the chance to try out the new Swarovski Crystals Nail Art which comes in different formats – Crystalpixie tubes, which come in 3 sparkling colors, and Nail Art transfers with crystals in “Classics”, “Neutrals” and “Trends” collections.

Swarovski has been the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895, so it only makes sense they have nail art crystals!

Swarovski Trends Crystals

Trends Crystals

The Nail Art transfers come on sheet with 48 different colored/sized crystals.

Swarovski Design Inspiration

Each set also comes with a Design Inspiration guide with nine looks.

Swarovski Crystal Trends Nail Art Transfers

Nail Art Transfers with Swarovski crystals

The Nail Art transfers are very easy to apply. First make sure you have your nails polished and dry. Then dab a little bit of nail glue where you want to add the crystals. Pick them up with a tweezers or wax stick and apply the crystals to the nail. Then you can use a detailing brush to apply a little amount of top coat around the base of the crystals to set them.

Swarovski Cute Mood Crystalpixie Tubes

Swarovski Cute Mood Crystalpixie tubes

Crystalpixie tubes contain tiny cut crystals. The “Cute Mood” set which is shown features iridescent crystals as well as a Design Inspiration page.

Swarovski Cute Mood Crystalpixie


Adding the Crystalpixie crystals to the nail is super easy! All you do is apply your nail polish shade as usual. Then while the polish is still wet, pour the crystals over the wet nail. You can put a little container underneath to catch the loose crystals and put them back in the tube. Then just gently press them into the nail polish and brush off the excess with a detail brush. After the polish is dry you can apply a top coat to the edges of the design to help it last longer.

To find out more about these #Swarovski crystals and to look up design ideas, check out their social media pages!

You can find these at Sally Beauty Supply and the two gram Crystalpixie tubes and Nail Art Transfers with Swarovski crystals are $8.99 each.


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Written by Kelly
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