Zoya Spring 2016 Petals Collection

Zoya Petals for Spring 2016 has arrived!

This collection was inspired by spring gardens and it features six new shimmery shades. Interestingly for me I needed three coats with many of these, even over a ridge-filling base coat. Normally Zoya covers in two coats, but these just didn’t have the pigmentation and evenness that I usually experience. A couple seemed a little thin and watery, but all the colors themselves are really pretty and feminine looking.

Zoya Laurel


Laurel is a warm-toned pastel pink with very subtle shimmer. This was three coats.

Zoya Tulip


Tulip is a salmon-colored pink with subtle shimmer. This one was a bit watery and needed three coats.

Zoya Zahara


Zahara is a light coral with lots of opalescent shimmer. Nice formula, but I needed three thin coats.

Zoya Azalea


Azalea is a bright pink with fuchsia shimmer. This one had a good formula and covered with two coats.

Zoya Aster


Aster is a light lavender with lots of shimmer. This only needed two coats to cover and it had a really nice formula.

Zoya Leia


Leia is a sheer opalescent white with lots of shimmer. This is really best as a layering shade since it’s sheer. This was two coats by itself.

Zoya Spring 2016 Petals

So a few of these didn’t have the greatest formula and those were Laurel, Tulip and Zahara, but they are still nice shades. There seems to be a lot of pink here, but that’s kind of to be expected with a spring collection based on flowers. I do think Aster and Zahara are the most interesting shades here. I love the ones with the most obvious shimmer because they just jump out at me above the others.

You can find these on the Zoya site or in stores now and they are $10.00 each.

Which ones of these are you loving the most?


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Written by Kelly
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