Zoya Whispers

The Zoya Whispers Transitional 2016 is a new collection meant to subtly take us from winter into spring.

This collection features six soft creme shades that are quiet and understated, yet still lovely. Most of these covered pretty nicely with just two coats but a couple (Cala and April) could have used three thin coats.

Zoya Cala


Cala is a soft warm nude/beige.

Zoya April


April is a pale rose pink.

Zoya Eastyn


Eastyn is a greyed out mauve/purple.

Zoya Misty


Misty is a taupe with hints of green.

Zoya Ireland


Ireland is a muted green. Please forgive this swatch, I had been wearing it for awhile before I took a photo so it looks “worn” in a bit.

Zoya Lake


Lake is a very soft pale blue.

Zoya Whispers Collection

When I first saw these in the bottles I wasn’t totally bowled over because they didn’t look that unique and interesting. However after swatching them, there are some in here that are actually rather unique and cool looking. Eastyn and Misty in particular are shades that I don’t think I own yet. They have a different “flavor” from your typical mauve and taupe. I also really love Ireland and Lake because they are perfect soft, gorgeous shades. My least favorite (and least unique, I feel) are Cala and April.

You can find this collection now on the Zoya site and they are $9.00 each.

See anything here you need to add to your nail collection?


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Written by Kelly
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